Microsoft: iPlayer is not a priority for Xbox 360

VG247 writes: "Microsoft’s senior regional director for Northern Europe, Neil Thompson, has said bringing BBC iPlayer to Xbox 360 is not a top priority."

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Wizziokid2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

"Thompson said that despite the US debut of ESPN on Xbox 360"
So is that confirmation that ESPN is a US only service?

Thank MS you screwed the EU out of a feature again! and that's why more people are buying PS3's... And on the BBC iPlayer situation, it's only not top priority because you don't like the fact that BBC wanted to give it to silver members.

MS you fail again...

dangert122860d ago

well i've got £40 ready for this tuesday ot just can't come any faster atleast when you pay for psn+ your garenteed somthing new,

Menech2859d ago

PSN+ is basically just a waste of money doesn't offer half the stuff XBL does.

Jack Klugman2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

EU hardly supports the 360 so right back atcha! Go buy a PS3 nobody really cares. I'd love to see a source or link about the BBC wanting to give it to silver members.

Yeah Danger just like Qore promised something new.. Give me a break! You aren't getting anything new the free tier is now going to have to wait longer to get things, etc that is all Sony is doing.

kharma452859d ago

"...Microsoft's desire to make the iPlayer a Gold Subscriber-exclusive feature is "incompatible with the BBC's public service remit."

Charmers2859d ago

It isn't so much a case they "want" to make the service available to silver members. It is more a case legally they are not allowed to charge UK residents again for something they have already paid for.

The BBC is funded by a £140 licence fee (a broadcasting tax) everyone in the UK has to pay that fee if they own a Television or a computer. So in theory we have already paid for the programs that the BBC broadcasts via the airwaves and internet.

This is why the PS3 will get the BBC iplayer long before MS get it. The BBC are not allowed to charge for broadcasting this content to UK residents (since we have paid for it already) this is why the BBC want it available to silver members because gold members have to pay to access the service and that breaches the licence terms.

WobblyRam2859d ago

The PS3 has had a basic version of iPlayer for quite some time now, even if it is just a specially formatted player through an Internet link on the XMB.

You'll notice also that you don't need to be logged into the PSN to actually use iPlayer on your PS3 which allows the Beeb to sidestep any potential future issues should Sony change the contents of their free package.

ProA0072859d ago

Dude, does ESPN even AIR in Europe o_O?

WobblyRam2859d ago

We have ESPN channels here, yes. I imagine one of the reasons we're not getting it is because of the existing arrangement with Rupert Murdoch's Sky.

Wizziokid2859d ago

yeah, i have it on my tv

dangert122859d ago

realisticaly its not free,why are only the paying subscibbers getting it ?

Fishy Fingers2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Well it's a free service for the UK and it would be against BBC policy if MS tried to use it as an incentive by only offering it to Gold subscribers.

They have little interest because they have no person gain to make from it.

Focker4202859d ago

The PS3 already has the BBC iPlayer so who cares.

TheSleepyGamer2859d ago

People who own an Xbox 360 and have Xbox Live...

PirateThom2859d ago

Well, according to Microsoft, they can't have it.

Imagine putting something on their console for the benefit of everyone, rather than for a sales pitch for a paid service!

TheSleepyGamer2859d ago

I don't agree with Microsoft but I can also see why they wouldn't include it for no cost. Microsoft would have to upload and maintain the service through Xbox Live. Without making any extra money from that service they would be losing out on money.

Business is business.

Focker4202859d ago

Yes business is business, but it just shows how little they care about their customers.

TheSleepyGamer2859d ago

Sony would probably do the same especially now that they are bringing in Premium features. Big companies & franchises didn't get where they were by being generous. Only when it can serve a purpose will they provide something for free.