The truth about 3D gaming

Virgin Media: At gargantuan video game trade show E3 last week, 3D gaming showed its hand. Sony, with the likes of Killzone 3, is pushing 3D hard. Nintendo, with its exciting new handheld the 3DS, isn't far behind. Microsoft, remains sceptical, but that doesn't mean 360 owners are excluded from the fun. It looks the business, but questions surrounding the impact of the tech remain. Will visuals suffer if they're in 3D? Is it just a gimmick? Is 3D better than motion control? Here, in a series of micro chats, game developers give us their answers.

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rockleex2947d ago

Does not, in any way, affect the 2D version of the game.

If you want to play it at the max resolution and graphics then pick the 2D mode.

If you want to play it in 3D, then obviously pick the 3D mode.

Sprud2947d ago

In the interview he says that it's hard to make a game run in 3D, but this is only a half truth. Because in reality, the only thing needed to make a game 3D is to render each frame twice (for each eye). The hard part is doing this without affecting performance too much. He even explains it himself in the next question: "3D support is a challenge because in some ways you're drawing everything twice".

My point is that while 3D might be a gimmick this generation, it's very likely that all games next generation will be 3D with hardly any effort. With much better hardware the developers can simply do a complete render for each eye instead of relying on hard-to-implement tricks like today.

Jack Klugman2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Will visual suffer - Yes of course

Is it a gimmick - Most certainly yes just like motion controls

3D better than motion control? - No. The are both equally annoying and unimpressive.

Headache inducing for both you and your wallet. I know a ton of tech heads and not a single one is investing in this and after seeing the demo at Best Buy I can see why.

SupaGamer2948d ago

Have Killzone 2, Crysis 2, and GT5 visuals suffered? - No.

T9X692947d ago

You can't really say that for sure. Those games could look even better than they do now if they didn't support 3D, but we will never know since they already support it.

karl2947d ago

yes.. i does suffer... u can obviously get better graphics without 3D..
but not that much better
and it isnt a bad thing.. 3D isnt different than what AA is..

its just another effect that makes the game more real... and better looking

catguykyou2947d ago

All have confirmed that with 3d active they run at lower resolution.

morganfell2947d ago

Ho ho ho! Jealousy doth rear it's ugly head.

cliffbo2947d ago


GT5 is still in 1080p in 3d. lol

duplissi2947d ago

well for movies and tv i have to agree with you about 3d being a gimmick, but games.... hell no. the 3d helps suck you in further than you can immagine, because you are in control the added depth to things really help make you feel like your there in the thick of it all.

duplissi2946d ago

well to be honest at first i felt a little weird but i dont feel anything at all when playing a 3d game now.

but if it makes you feel that way... man.. i really pity you.


im not sure about the whole 3d gaming thing. might get into it but not as it is today

raztad2947d ago

Word is already spreading: 3D adds A LOT to the gaming experience. The newfound depth associated to a Z-AXIS makes everything more immersive. Just watch Jimmy Fallon cream his pants playing KZ3D.

IWentBrokeForGaming2947d ago

and because he totally sucks... is why is gaming opinions mean d!<k to me!

jaredhart2947d ago

If he were an Xbox fanboy why would he get so blown away by Killzone 3?

raztad2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )


I think even a hardened xbox fanboy couldnt resist the power of KZ3D.

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The story is too old to be commented.