XCom: Behind The Scenes Editor Impression:E3 2010

The cult classic XCom returns from the dead as a first person shooter. Though it’s still very early in development, the critical acclaimed team at 2k Marian had a full demo to showcase at E3. The only requirement was you had to be press to see it. After see the demo played, it was clear that XCom had an almost Bioshock like intrigue to it.

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RedDragan2949d ago

Ok.... story destroyed. Not really interested now.

Why can't these type of people resist the urge to change things so much? Their idea's ARE NOT as good as the originals!

Kinda reminds me of Hollywood's ludicrous belief they can improve on the storylines of games for the big screen. Yeah right... Doom worked out good didn't it!!

Jmissy2944d ago

You loved doom and so did I, but I do agree its time to brake away from remakes and sequels.