Crytek 'magic' prevents Crysis 2 3D performance issues‎ German developer Crytek, however, has achieved its 3D effect for upcoming multiplatform shooter Crysis 2 in a way that hardly impacts on performance.

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jaredhart2945d ago

that definitely knows what they're doing.

T9X692945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

True, but Cevat Yerli is a straight up "I'm better than everyone else so I'm going to soil my panties" type of guy. Crysis 2 looks pretty promising though.

EDIT: Google his name with interview in front of it, and just read.

I'll take Killzone 3 over Crysis 2 any day of the week.

Nihilism2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Surely you're not upset that someone other than a Sony first party developer can say "we have the best looking game in existence" an have it ring true...or is it that Crysis 2 looks to blow all pre-conceptions of the limitations of multiplat games away...

I'd love to see you quote one article where he big notes himself. As far as I've seen they are extremely humble about their technical knowledge, 3D is not even a selling point for Crysis 2...what does that say?. They are one of the best developers around and it shows. Nothing wrong with stating the facts, the make no false claims, they detail the performance and it is true.


Love how 1 unreleased game is apparently better than another unreleased game according to you, you'd make a great psychic.

inveni02945d ago

Well, the question is really is this: Will it be the same 3D that Killzone 3 has? If Jimmy Fallon doesn't crap his pants with awesomeness, then's not.

Honestly, I'm more impressed with Rage on consoles than Crysis 2. But neither of those two games seem to have the incredible AI that KZ2/3 have.

nycredude2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )


Let's not get carried away here. The game looks good but let's leave the comparisons until after it releases. I have no doubt it will be a great looking multiplat game, but it wouldn't be the first.

I am more concerned with the game being fun. I have Crysis 1 on PC and while it looks great and all, it is a pretty bland shooter. I just hope they make the second one more fun. BTW I am buying the PC version so you guys can have a pissing contest all you want while I play the best version.

Nihilism2945d ago

That's unfortunate, I thought it was one of the most open and epic shooters I've ever played, performance issues certainly hamper the enjoyment. But I'm sure if it ran at 60 frames constantly you would enjoy it more.

I can't enjoy any game that has frame rate dips so I haven't played Crysis in a while, but I can look beyond that. I have never played another shooter like Crysis.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32945d ago

Wow, this will heat up courtesy of the ailment "butthurtitis" that comes along with an overblown ego that gets deflated.


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gamer20102945d ago


"Will it be the same 3D that Killzone 3 has? If Jimmy Fallon doesn't crap his pants with awesomeness, then's not."

Oh puhlease, like Jimmy Fallon is some kind of supremely wise, all-knowing god of gaming. Give me a break.

Jimmy Fallon seems about as soft core as they come.

dragonelite2945d ago

He almost came twice when natal was showed the first time and second time. That dude is impressed really easy.

inveni02945d ago

Sorry, gamer2010. I forgot to add my "/s" mark.

SupaGamer2945d ago

Crysis 2 is going to dominate!

BubbleSystemSuck2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

why so much arrogance in this company?
dont need to apeal to this behavior

"Crysis better than other FPS"
"Crysis 3D better than Killzone 3D"
"Crysis better than Halo and Killzone"


who is the PR, AaronG? HipHopLamer?

Downtown boogey2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I think Crysis 2 will still be great. No matter what they HOW great they say it'll be ;D

Aphe2945d ago

I feel the same way mate, Day 1, looks awesome. Glad you like it as well.

Karooo2945d ago

are not rendering the frame twice? So this is a different method hmm.

inveni02945d ago

Makes you wonder if it would qualify as "TRUE" 3D, doesn't it?

Nihilism2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

No it doesn't, only the insecure fanboy mind wonders about these things.

You already know what Crysis 2 is like though so I'm sure you have some more insider info on why Crysis 2 is supposedly doing 3D the "fake" way and KZ3 does it the "right" way....I think it could be that ugly fanboy in you rearing it's head.


Show me where I try to pass off knowledge about 3D. I mentioned the other day about how Sony is using Stereoscopic 3D ( yes that is the implementation ) when some Sony extremist tried to claim that sony had invented yet another miraculous innovative method of 3D I( without anything to back it up ).

I never made any claims, it is people like inveni0 that make embarrassing claims that Sony's method is somehow superior...again without basis...

Why are you upset?, is it because I keep calling you people out on your propaganda.

Very well, let's have it this way:

If you can post a link proving that Sony's method is different to the Stereoscopic 3D currently in use on PC and Blu Ray then I will retract my statement about you and you kin being full of $#!+

I'd like to know what I am a fanboy of, go through my post history, you will see criticism of all consoles and PC as well as PC games who moronically bought MW2. I own many Sony products, including a Sony Blu-Ray, Amp and HDTV....I do not hate Sony....I hate you.

I remember all the Sony camp claiming 3D could not be done of 360...Crytek showed them once again who the great developers are in the industry, it's not the 1st party devs, it's the developers who can get the most out of EVERY platform and utilise new tech never before seen on them. Crysis 2= first 3D game on PS3 and 360.

nycredude2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )


You are in full anti-Killzone 3 mode here huh? No one here is even bringing up Killzone 3 but you. Makes me wonder what you are on about.

Get off Crytek's dick for a minute. Sheesh I am sure they are good developers but they haven't done dick on consoles yet. Let's wait for the game to release before we anoint them the best developers in the entire universe.

Besides all developers make statements like these to pump their own tech up. What do expect them to say? "our tech sucks!"

What I find funny is how you bash and talk down what Sony's 1st party developers say and in the same few sentences you praise the hell out of Crytek for doing the same exact thing!

Lets call it spades for spades here, although you claim you are unbiased and fair in you critique, it's a classic case of saying one thing and doing another.

JustTheFactsMr2945d ago

"No it doesn't, only the insecure fanboy mind wonders about these things".

No it's called scientific method to question the veracity and truth of something that hasn't been verified by independent methods. Especially something that sounds like magic coming from a single source. Only a fanboy would think to take it at face value. Maybe because his ugly fanboy head is rearing in the hope it's a magic bullet.

Otherwise your just a sheep being led around by the nose by the propaganda. Ironic.

Just taking into Sony's extensive involvement in developing 3D cameras and the software to process it for Hollywood would suggest they have FAR more insight into 3D techniques as a starting point.

Certainly more than a small company focused on multi-platform development for a mainly 2D product that magically produces the same quality with little processing overhead.

There are many forms of what people are calling 3D. 3D can be done on the 360. It's a question of the quality and type of 3D used. And the effort involved for non-standard implementations. There is a reason Avatar came with a list of compatible TV's you needed to check.

And as usual people want to obfuscate the meanings so they can claim inferior methods are the same thing.

I remember all the 360 camp claiming how DVD upscaling was just as good as Blu-ray. That somehow 5x LESS information in the SOURCE could be magically inserted from the ether. And of course no one would notice anyway. The last bastion of the fanboy.

inveni02945d ago

There's a difference between stereoscopic 3D and 3D made from a single image. You can find lots of 3D samples on the web where the 3D is created from a single image. But the fact remains that you can not create a stereoscopic 3D image from a single perspective.

So's not being a fanboy to question science...unless you're a christian.

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raztad2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

which is very interesting because actually the xbox/PS3 are not being stressed that much beyond the original 2D requirements.


Why you talk like if you know more than the rest of us about how the actual 3D implementation is? you are not less a fanboy than any fanboy here.


Yeah it sounds like there is some "trick" in place.


Me upset? where? It was you trying to call other people guesses out w/o knowing anything beyond what is in this article.

I still remember an article where you were trying to lecture me about how real 3D was supposed to be impossible on consoles (it happened by "chance" it was a Sony exclusive being retrofitted) and how the performance was meant to drop from 30 fps to 15fps. Doesnt seem strange to you Crytek got a "magic"trick for that not to happen? I'm totally sure you would be saying EXACTLY what invenio0 said if this trick was the basis of KZ3 3D implementation.

Seferoth752945d ago

I dont think they ever claimed to know more.
Is that your other account? IS that why you are taking an honest statement like its a personal attack against you?

Sounds to me like they found a way to split the image after the graphics card is done with it. Which isnt so much a trick as it is a smarter way of doing things...

Please though feel free to hop between as many of your accounts as you wish explaining how find a more efficient way of doing 3D is some how fake or a trick...

Just another clueless Sony gamer...

raztad2945d ago


Dunno about what other account you are talking about. Who are you btw? Are you the same seferoth (the pathetic ninty fanboy) that PMed a hate message?

"Sounds to me they found a way to split the image after the graphics card is done with it."

You dont sound like you know much either.

I never claimed to know what trick (magic, workaround call it whatever you like) Crytek is using to have their 3D implementation running. Yes I'm clueless as much as you are. Again, who are you?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )


I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. BTW, I'm not that dude. And....I'm already home xD

pantatkaula2944d ago

LOL.. dchalfont is answering using his duplicate account to your comment.. FAILED!! nice job raztad..!!!

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Downtown boogey2945d ago

Yeah, I'm very intrigued how they manage it!
He said they produce the second image out of the first one. So that's cheating sorta..?

SuperStrokey11232945d ago

Who cares if it works as well as teh other method? My only concern is that it wont work as well and will be a crappy watered down version of 3d if that makes any sense.

jalen2472945d ago

Crytek are obviously geniuses. They find ways to do the so called impossible.

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