Halo: Reach - The Beta Story

As you read this, Bungie is readying Halo: Reach, the most significant new title in the Halo series since 2007's Halo 3. Last month, the Kirkland, Washington-based developer wrapped up the beat process for Reach, in which 2.7 million unique players gave the game a test on the Xbox Live service.

Gamasutra recently got a chance to speak to Bungie's community director Brian Jarrard and multiplayer design lead Chris Carney about the developer's approach to the beta process, what use it makes of the data it accrues, and about interfacing with the community during the beta process.

The team feels that multiplayer is an indispensable part of the gaming landscape in 2010, and here Jarrard and Carney share their thoughts on how Bungie -- widely recognized for spearheading multiplayer innovation with services like Forge, which allowed its community to interact with Halo 3 in ways unlike any other console shooter -- sees the evolution of the form.

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HarryM2945d ago

I quite enjoyed reading that. :D

Independent_Charles2944d ago

twas a good read actually nice to see them taking in the beta data.

SixZeroFour2944d ago

i liked this

I think Bungie as a team is always gonna keep trying to push forward and innovate and add new features -- not to say that we don't play a lot of games ourselves, too! I think we actually find stuff in other games that we generally think are cool or good ideas or, "Hey, I think they're on to something here, but I think we can do it better. What if we did this and this?"

they acknowlegde that they dont come up with every idea, but they do try to improve on already established ideas and try to make it better