UK stores outline plans to demo Microsoft Kinect

Techradar : " Microsoft Kinect is now playable in all four of Microsoft's US retail stores, with UK retailers already formulating their own plans to show off the technology to British consumers later this year."

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Wizziokid2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Well at least we will get to try them out before we purchase, or just walk away in disappointment (who knows)

Personally I want to try out the 3DS most of all.

GWAVE2672d ago

I'm with you there. The 3DS looks freakin' sweet.

I'm curious how the Kinect demo stations would work (the trailers leave me unimpressed, but I'm willing to try it). Wouldn't the shifting light conditions and all the customers going in and out of the store mess with the camera?

Wizziokid2672d ago

yeah they would possible need to make a booth or something, I can't see it working with people keep walking past

WhittO2672d ago

This is actually surprising that they would let people try it out.

I have seen the trailers they are showing on Youtube and it is totally fake!!
It has nowhere NEAR the level of accuracy and precision show in the trailers (which btw also show zero!)

I would have thought MS wouldn't let people try it, I'm actually curious to try it myself to see if there really is anything to it.

R2D22672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

If you watched the HHG video yesterday when he was playing Dance with Kinect, you would notice that the lights were flashing on and off while he was dancing.

Edit: cant belive you actually had a non trolling question/concern. 2010 is happening quicker that we thought : )

ProjectVulcan2672d ago

Excellent. Its not enough that we are seen going in a games store we can now embarass ourselves in wide open public by prancing around in the front window of GAME stores down the high street.

Chaos692672d ago

Nobody is forcing you to try, it'll be there for those who are interested in the tech.

Jack Klugman2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

oh but they can't resist whining and crying about it in yet another Kinect thread.

MS needs to get people hands on with this if they expect it to sell. People whine about smoke and mirrors and now they find new things to cry about now that you can get a real hands on.

This is a must.

Not a single mention of Move or 3DS in this story so not sure why some are going off-topic.

ProjectVulcan2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

@ Chaos69 read and see hence the words we can. Not we have to. Im sure it will pull some people into the store to have a look. Lets just hope they are allowed enough room and dont cause too many injuries. First aid medic on standby

Its not like there isnt enough footage of wii related home accidents on youtube. There'll be black eyes for sure

Chaos692672d ago

Punctuation is your friend.

Dread2672d ago

first MS is critizised because they allegedly are not showing kenect to the public. Now they are critizised because they are showing kenect to the public.


you sony extremists are a weird bunch.

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MaximusPrime2672d ago

personally i want to try out PS MOVE. Just to see how sensitive it will be. Im sure it will.

jay22672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

No need for me to try either, this is a no buy, but will test it to LMAO, 3DS is, most likely an import if the UK have a 6 month wait till March.

Oh you poor Xbots who have disagreed with me, you've over price 2 year old aimed toy is a joke.

bub162672d ago

i hope they do this with the 3ds. i dont want one but i just want 2 c wot the hype is all about

labwarrior2672d ago

So, those demos are cool, but hardly needed

Thudd2672d ago

I am interested in seeing how they integrate it into controller based games to enhance them. That might be the real use of Kinect to the hardcare gamer. Headtracking, Voice commands and other enhancements. If they did enough of that, I would gladly pony up and buy it. However I have no intention of buying Move or Kinect to play party games.

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