Twisted Metal to Feature Split-Screen Co-Op

While the official details on Twisted Metal are slowly coming through from publisher Sony Computer Entertainment via a tightly controlled drip-feed, the game’s lead design and CEO of development studio Eat, Sleep, Play, David Jaffe, has been much more vocal on the subject. Revelations regular come through via social networking sites these days, and Jaffe is widely known as being a great supporter of such activities, communicating directly with fans of his videogame productions.

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Anon19742673d ago

I love split-screen co-op. I wish more games would have this.

sikbeta2672d ago

Totally, Split-Screen Co-Op is Awesome, this Game just Get Better...

RageAgainstTheMShine2672d ago

Jaffe is still rooted and grounded while reaching for the stars...sweet!

knifefight2671d ago

Dang freaking right!
One thing I miss SO much about modern games is the lack of OFFline co-op play. Seriously man, sometimes we actually have friends in the same room, you know!

Very glad to hear this. I was on the fence before, but now I'l buy this just to support offline cop-op.

kevco332672d ago

It's a shame it's not split-screen online also, not enough games let you take a mate with into online multiplayer.

Cajun Chicken2672d ago

Hopefully this'll set a trend of this coming back.

thor2672d ago

It will have split-screen online.

If this source is correct anyway :)

SSKILLZ2672d ago

Freaking Awesome...!!!

ethan2672d ago

Game Sucks...!!!

Haha jk, looks awesome!!

boysenberry2672d ago

Twisted Metal. It only gets better and better. I can't freakin' wait!! :D

dork07832672d ago

looking forward to playing with my girlfriend DAY ONE!!

akaFullMetal2672d ago

awesome, me and my room mate are going to fuck things up

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The story is too old to be commented.