3D Destroys One Important Feature of Sports Games

"Whether motion controls are a gimmick intended solely for casual audiences, or a feature that will be fully embraced by the “hardcore gamer” is still largely unknown, however, all three major console publishers are putting their full weight behind products implementing their proprietary technology. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony feel that Kinect, Wii Motion Plus and Move respectively will help their console separate itself from the competition, but when it comes to 3D technology for consoles only Sony putting their neck out on the line. The motion control gamble paid off handsomely for Nintendo with the Wii. Sony hopes to replicate at least some of that success by implementing stereoscopic 3D in some of their most important franchises, including MLB the Show, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, Killzone 3 and Grand Turismo 5."


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cain1412861d ago

That screen shot looks good...

FishCake9T42861d ago

Its Timmy Timmy the freak.

rockleex2861d ago

Just turn off 3D when you want EVERYONE to see what you're playing on the screen.

Heck, you don't even have to turn it off. Just pass the glasses around to show off the 3D effects and everyone's jaws will hit the floor!

Next thing you know, everyone will be saving up for their own 3D set.

NothingToGainButLove2861d ago

MLB The Show games are amazing games. They blow away 2k Sports baseball games...

A good thing is 3D is just on option I'm assuming. Features from the people who don't like 3D games will probably be the same

ReservoirDog3162861d ago

Well, honestly, he (writer) kinda has a point. I usually play games around someone and they're not exactly watching what I'm playing but if there's just a blurry mess on screen, well, I might not be playing in front of them.

shadow27972861d ago

You're honestly only going to have one set of 3D glasses? Come on. People are going to have a few sets of glasses for 3D movies alone. Video games are typically more solitary experiences than movies, so it shouldn't be an issue.

But if you want your large group of friends to watch you play something, just turn the option off and play it normally. It's common sense. Though, my bet is, you'd probably pass the glasses around to everyone first (so they can see how awesome it is), and then turn it off.

ReservoirDog3162861d ago

I believe I saw an ad for a 3D tv that said in the fine print at the bottom of the screen that said it only came with 1 pair.

Plus, let's say I'm playing a game while two other people are talking to each other in the room. They wouldn't wear the glasses cause they're not watching me play. But when they look over to the tv, it's a blurry mess.

They wouldn't want me to play in from of them right?

Ziriux2861d ago

There is always a negative in a technology

cain1412861d ago

3D is just too expensive at the moment. But it looks great. So I guess if you can afford it go for it.

ElitaStorm2861d ago

technology? its your own choice 2D or 3D, i wounder if there is 4D XD

dkblackhawk502861d ago

Pft...3D is so overrated, introducing 6D! :D

foss32861d ago

If I didn't have to wear glasses, I'd be all over it like a fat chick on cake.

If I didn't just buy a 52" LCD I'd consider it. That said I'll probably bite post Christmas season.

DlocDaBudSmoka2861d ago

but lets quad it and make 24D. LOL

Qui-Gon Jim2861d ago

"Sports games are better with a live group of people. But unless every single person is wearing a pair of expensive 3D glasses, that just won’t work out."

So, turn off 3D when people are watching. Problem solved. It's not like these games are only playable with 3D turned on.

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