Crysis 2 3D 'more pleasing' than Killzone 3 3D

Upcoming first-person shooter Crysis 2 offers a "more pleasing experience" than PS3-exclusive Killzone 3.

That's according to Crytek boss Cevat Yerli, who described his studio's 3D technology as "magic" in an interview with for a special feature on 3D gaming.

When asked if the PS3 version of Crysis 2, which will also be playable in 3D on the Xbox 360 and PC, will offer the best 3D Crysis 2 experience, Yerli told "No, absolutely not.

"In fact, I have heard numerous people say - and I have seen myself - that we have a better 3D experience than other games right now on the show floor. I don't want to mention any names."

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Cloudberry2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

More 3D gaming glory.

I guess...?

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GWAVE2945d ago

Well of course Crytek is going to think Crysis 2 looks better.

Y'all have heard of Turn 10, right? Do you trust THEIR PR?

Nitrowolf22945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

yeah the funny part is he hasn't even seen it yet (states in article)
BS i say
until he see's it, he should shut his mouth

KingPin2945d ago

Well duh! what are they expected to do. its not like they can say killzone 3d is way better than our game. i just lol when articles come out about companies boasting their own game. its like no1 else is going to sso they might as well do it themselves.

dirthurts2945d ago

Is Crytek KNOWS visuals. They do some impressive stuff.

Double Toasted2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Don't they know you can't say things like this on N4G? Sony fanboys go into convulsions and someone has to call a priest to come in and throw holy water on them.

Below: Oops...lets add denial to the many quagmires you Sony fanboys are in bred with.

n4gno2945d ago

Nobody goes into convulsion, sony fans are here to help xbot's fans like you to stop their denial/delusional attitude, and desperates hopes..

you want to believe, but reality is always a deception...than you forget, and believe again all greenberg and microsoft's sites want you to believe.

huzzaahh2945d ago

What I find funny is that Xbox fanboys like you always rip on PS3 fanboys because you think that you are justified in your fanboyism, but PS3 fanboys aren't.

The fact of the matter is, the guy hasn't even seen Killzone 3 in 3D, so he has no reason to claim that his game is "more pleasing" than Killzone 3.

Next time, don't copy someone else's insult. When someone says that you're in denial, don't say the exact same thing back. It makes you look like even more of an idiot.

dirthurts2945d ago

You guys know this is multiplatform right? You can all play it...
It doesn't matter which is better.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I don't see how PS3 Fans will feel uncomfortable in this article.

PS3 is the Only console to do Native 3D along with the PC platform.

More Native 3D Games, better for PS3 Owners, unlike other consoles can't do Native 3D, like Xbox 360.

redsquad2945d ago

Yeah, because, y'know, Xboys fanboys are so cool, level headed, well adjusted and rational when it comes to 'defending' their console...

Ju2945d ago

@Alfa, I guess Yerli didn't make too many friends on the PS3. While they (Crytek) boosting their game will end it all, they haven't proven yet, that they can beat PS3 exclusives. At the same time, they haven't shown any PS3 gameplay - it was always shown on the 360 - and at the same time they say, 360 and PS3 are on par. They tried to hype it on the PS3 as the graphics king. That automatically makes them a target. Why even claim that ? Obviously we would want to see that - E310 would have been a perfect opportunity for them to show it on the PS3 directly going up against KZ3. But, guess who talks but doesn't show ? Crytek.

I personally highly doubt, Crysis2 will be on KZ3's level. I will eat humble pie if it will be. But even theoretically it won't, not based on the info we know. They just don't have PS3 specific code in there which would boost vertex through put nor do they us MLAA or any other advanced tech those PS3 exclusives use. As such, it simply will not reach the technical level of latest (and yet to come) PS3 exclusives. With vertex preprocessing the polycount would massively exceed the 360 version. The MLAA would blow the (even) 4xMSAA of the 360 version out of the water. Neither will happen in the release version. So, maybe we will see some nice lightning and some nice physics (using SPUs), but that'll be it.

I am not surprised, that every time he (Yerli) boosts his game, it sounds like a frontal attack "at some games on the showfloor". No wonder people are getting defensive.

PotatoClock2945d ago

"the guy hasn't even seen Killzone 3 in 3D, so he has no reason to claim that his game is "more pleasing" than Killzone 3."

He actually says he 'thinks' its more pleasing, basing that on what other 'people' have said about it being more pleasing than killzone 3. He doesn't personaly claim that it is, which makes sense seeming he hasn't seen killzone 3.

Honestly, articles like this work so well with PS3 fanboys to get hits. Mention anything bout Killzone 3 and their on here like a shot protecting an generic good looking game.

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gunnerforlife2945d ago

im sorry but what hes saying is utter rubbish! killzone has so many things going on at the same time and so many enemies on screen that its just wow.

What I have seen of Crysis so far includes is 3 enemies at a time on the screen, Crysis is all about graphics and even that dosent hold a candle to K3.
i want to have fun when playing a Shooter i want loads of enemies to pop up everywhere so i can go on a killing spree i mean thats what shooters are for mindless fun, not 1 enemy at a time and be bored to death!.

sid4gamerfreak2945d ago

crysis 2 is certainly more pleasing in the graphics department....on the PC

waterboy2945d ago

ps3 and 360 versions of crysis 2, which isnt saying much since crytek has developed longer for pc, also no the pc version of crysis will still sit sadly far under killzone 2

pixelsword2945d ago

What do I care which one is more pleasing? I own a PS3, and I'll possibly get both.

But Crytek 3D makes the PS3 version to get above the PC... If I can get enough coin together to buy that set before the game comes out.

MNicholas2945d ago

in describing the 3D used in Crysis as "concave" then it would require some kind of head tracking.

Here's an example of how concave 3D works. This is just one implementation (wiimote hack) but any webcam with good face/head tracking software can do it.

The advantages of head-tracking based "concave" 3D is that it doesn't require additional graphics processing power while the Killzone 3 type 3D requires rendering twice as many frames per second and it works on any old TV including your grandma's CRT.

The disadvantages of webcam based "concave" 3D are that it only works for one viewer (other's see distorted views) and it requires the console equivalent of a webcam (such as PSEye, Kinect/Natal, etc...).

masterg2945d ago

It seems like non of the people at E3 thought the Crysis 3D worked. They all said KZ3 was the best 3D of the two.

trancefreak2945d ago

Im buying both and playing it on my non-3d tv. Im not getting another tv for 3d. I have a nice 46 samsung already and i can wait for this novelty.

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cobraagent2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Yerli added that he was refused entry to see Killzone 3 at E310.

"I haven't seen Killzone, to be honest. I wish I would see it, but they won't let me see it!"

So if he hasn't seen killzone 3 yet how can he comment on which is the best game in 3d?

talltony2945d ago

and I doubt kz3 in 3d dissapoints at all.

Pandamobile2945d ago

He's probably referring to how it [KZ3] uses the conventional stereo 3D that has been around for years where the effect is to look like objects are popping out of the screen whereas Crysis 2 is supposedly utilizing a different form of stereo 3D where the effect is to look like objects go into the screen.

He could have said the same thing with any other made-for-3D game, but KZ3 is likely has the most hype surrounding it.

HungPHAT2945d ago

I was at E3 this and KZ3 was playable on the floor in 3D ! Sony 8 TV's to play it on , 4 4 in 2D and 4 in 3D and yes I played the shit out of it ! AWESOME.... so he's full of shit I was right in the middle of the convention center next to Socom 4 which I played also with MOVE controller , that was cool to

Hacker2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

It's Crysis 2 3D baby of course its gonna be better than any other 3D game. Also Crysis 2 is pre alpha lol.

cobraagent2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

and being released this autumn?? He also never mentioned killzone and has actually not played it yet

T9X692945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

So is Killzone 3 though.

EDIT: @cobraagent - SOCOM 4 is still in pre-alpha and its being released this holiday to. Not saying Crysis 2 is indeed in pre-alpha because I don't know but it is possible.

stephmhishot2945d ago

Last I checked, KZ3 is also in Pre-Alpha (clearly seen during their E3 demo). LAWL.

NYC_Gamer2945d ago

yes crysis 2 will look much better on high end pc's..because of the hardware

waterboy2945d ago

7 times, this agree disagree system has really got to go

PotatoClock2945d ago

You think the PS3 fanboys aren't using it to show support for anyone saying crap bout Killzone 3 being "better than Crysis 2" as well?

Its the only way a minority like that can make themselves look huge.

BubbleSystemSuck2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

im starting to hate Crysis 2 and his arrogance and hype

karl2945d ago

me to... we dont even know how good of a developer crytek is..
crysis may be the best looking game to date...(and that is debatable)

but they made it on pc .. there they have no limits..

so many other devs could have made their games look like crysis but they knew sales would sink since not everyone can play it...

conclusion.. i dont know how great these guys are but i bet u that guerrilla games and naughty dog could beat their asses any day if they were making a pc game.

Nihilism2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I own and have played both Crysis and Crysis Warhead, the videos of Crysis 2 look even better. That is my opinion as a PC gamer. I thought it was going to be gimped due to the multiplat, it clearly isn't. I have sen UC2 on a 1080p doesn't look anywhere near as good as this does, but we shall see on launch day.

"i dont know how great these guys are but i bet u that guerrilla games and naughty dog could beat their asses any day if they were making a pc game. "

Anyone can optimise a game for 1 platform, which is where 1st party developers get too much credit, it takes true skill to optimise it extremely well for both performance and visuals on all 3 platforms.

How many times have muliplats been sub HD on one console, when they are 720p on the other?

Not only is this 720p on BOTH console's but it runs at 30 frames, and it has 3D on both console's, something no other game has, if anything they are underrated, not overrated.

huzzaahh2945d ago

Honestly, the Crysis 2 gameplay demo at E3 looked liked nothing special. It looks generic, in fact. Not exactly high on my list of anticipated games.

karl2945d ago

well you are making my point

"Anyone can optimise a game for 1 platform, which is where 1st party developers get too much credit, it takes true skill to optimise it extremely well for both performance and visuals on all 3 platforms. "

well thats it... this is their first multiplatform game and it hasnt been release yet..

and my second point is that with PC u dont need to optimize.. PC developers just expect pc gamers to upgrade to run their games

if a pc games doesnt run well in a not so much powerful machine.. its the gamers fault.. not developers... thats how it works with pc gaming

so how can a developer fail in there? they cant .. while on xbox and ps3 they will be torn apart for a low framerate, on pc... its cuz the gamer doesnt have a enough powerful pc

honestly .. pc gamers brag to much.. they are being rip off every year
because there is just no such thing as optimization for them..

well i guess that for crytek we need to wait for them to release their game and see how it really works.. it looks nice for now. but not enough