GameZone - Bulletstorm Hands-on

Brian Rowe scores mad points in the Arcade style First-Person Shooter Bulletstorm. With special moves like "Gang Bang", and combo scores flying all over the screen, was this next step for Epic Games a good one?

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ilRadd2922d ago

I've heard some good things about this game from a few sources - hopefully the gameplay will stay fresh & not be overly repetative as you mentioned in the article.

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DirtyDozen2922d ago

At first I wasn't anticipating this game much, but all the positive E3 coverage has me pretty excited about its potential.

Caspel2922d ago

I bet if Bulletstorm sells well and is received well by the press, Microsoft will try to swoop in to gain it as an exclusive.


Bulletstorm looked cool but I am more excited for Vanquish and RAGE.

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alee2922d ago

Special kills are always fun. GZ

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The story is too old to be commented.