Torrence Davis from TheBitBag writes, "We sat down with Alex Verrey from Madcatz and got a chance to see all their new peripherals. This one is a good watch folks!"

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OOG2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Great video that showed most of the tech that Madcatz brought to E3. Madcatz was nice enough to have private sessions walking people through a lot of their new products. In the video they have:

1. The new xbox 360 racing wheel.
2. A flightstick that is ps3 comatible.
3. Prototypes for the new COD Black Ops controllers for PS3 and 360 (Which have some new buttons mapped behind the controller AWESOME!)
4. New PS3/360 Headsets with Gunnar glasses.
5. Official Rock Band 3 accessories and Pro accessories
6. An exclusive look at an adapter that will allow you to use Real Mini instruments with Rock Band 3.

Tons of gaming goodness coming from Madcatz and with their recent purchase of Tritton, I am stoked to see what else they will have down the road.

RoX_TimE_BomB2942d ago

that flight stick could be sweet for WarHawk... I wonder if you can use the controller/flightstick at the same time... use the controller on the ground and the stick for flying... that could work for games like BFBC2 etc as well... definitely something to look into. My cousin use to use one for Battlefield 2 on the pc and swap back to keyboard for when he was on the ground.

OOG2942d ago

Yeah everyone should already know that logitech makes a nice wheel for ps3... so I dont see the point of your post in a madcatz article.

topgeareasy2942d ago

thinking why no
PS3 wheel

RoX_TimE_BomB2942d ago

that is an awesome wheel tho... so expensive... I wish I had this Logitech wheel.... Id prob crash like in real life lmao

prettyboy12942d ago

and wut job would that be

OOG2942d ago

lol I think he means I raced him to posting the article... since their was a duplicate made an hour later... ill assume he must have posted it

Dellis2942d ago

When is that hot chick going to be on the Warzone?

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