Ripten's Best of E3 2010 Awards

"The last of our E3 2010 previews are rolling in today and the E3 decor you've come to embrace the past two weeks will soon be gone. But before we bid E3 2010 farewell, let's take a look back at some of the best announcements the show had to offer as voted on by our Ripten staff..."

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CrzyFooL2919d ago

These are all wrong!! Terrible choices!! You all suck!! :-p

Sandwich Bender2919d ago

You guys are all gaystations and Xbots and Wiieners.

gynecologistcobra2919d ago

Of course Portal 2 sweeps up the awards. Well deserved.

Sandwich Bender2919d ago

I hope Portal 2 gets taken down in a STORM of BULLETS.

See what I did there?

Just kidding, I love you Portal.

greeneggsnsam2919d ago

Yeah, Portal 2 was the best game there obviously. I liked Epic Yarn too as well though!