New Blazblue Continuum Shift Unlimited characters Trailer

Trailer Showing the new unlimited versions of all the characters In the upcoming Blazblue Continuum Shift

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midgard2272886d ago

and for those who dont know what the unlimited versions are, they are basically the same character with brand new moveset, special attacks,combos and overdrives

an unlimted versus a normal character is unbalanced so u have to use an unlimited vs unlimited for it to be fair.

cant wait for this game

oh and V-13 is the unlimited form of Lamda-11

Baka-akaB2886d ago

Yep figured v13 could only be an unlimited , since the whole purpose of lambda11 is to finally provide a balanced version of V13

midgard2272886d ago

hahah well i think arakune was worse to fight in BB.

he was cheap as F.

cnt wait for this game, tho u already know how crazy and overhype i get for this game lol

with all these new unlimiteds its like double the roster!

STONEY42886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Summery of a match with Arakune: BEEEEEES
He is one of the highest tiers though and takes skill to be good with, so I wouldn't exactly call him cheap, all you have to do is keep up with his mind games.

V-13, though, is just plain cheap. The majority of people who play as V-13 just sit at the edge and spam D all day. They usually REALLY suck at close combat though and never try to use her dash to move away, so if I manage to get in with Noel, they're screwed.

Theonik2886d ago

Arakune, Jin and Nu are my 3 most hate characters on BB. Thankfully i have no trouble beating them with noel as the people that spam with them tend to be n00bs when you manage to get them. (Pics related to the reasons why i hate them.)

STONEY42885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I remember fighting one guy who spammed Jin's ice car and he ragequit right at the end because I used Noel's 3C to go under it each time, then punished him. Noob, right?

Gene2886d ago

Nice Midgard did your research.

skip2mylou2886d ago

Hazama is really cheap to fight against in his unlimited form because of the barrier that forms around him and im glad they used hazama's theme song for the trailer

skip2mylou2886d ago

whoops my bad its ragna vs hazama theme song

Whitefox7892886d ago

Thanks for sharing the trailer! This game looks better then the first one! (Minus the whole Rachel getting nerfed to hell and back).

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