Sony Ericsson PSP2 Could Push Apple Out of Gaming

Sherry Baldwin: "We’re always hearing rumors about Microsoft entering the handheld gaming market, but obviously that won’t ever happen because the portable market has proven for over twenty years now that Nintendo is a force to be reckoned with. Microsoft is already in a situation where its investors are frustrated over the low profits of the Entertainment and Devices Division. (Must be nice to complain about low profits instead of losses in the middle of a recession)."

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VG_Releaser2829d ago

I would pick it up day 1. I thought Ericsson went out of business. no1 in Michigan has an Ericsson anymore. A PSP2 though? Score

GunShotEddy2829d ago

Ericsson recoiled a bit here in the US, but they're still huge everywhere else. Remember, it's a big world outside the US. This would be a big step to getting a foothold back in the US phone market and logically makes sense against the iPhone.

Kleptic2829d ago

Ericsson struggles in the US because of how retarded ATT is with proprietary phone OS' Verizon, which i believe is the biggest carrier in the US currently, uses a non-GSM network...and SE only makes GSM phones iirc...

I got a SE t637 back in 2003 or so...through ATT...loved the phone, but hated all the gimmicky crap ATT loads on there...a year or two later I bought an unlocked W850i and it was the best cell phone I have ever had...when its not loaded with bs from the carrier, its as intuitive as a phone can get (at least at the time)...still use it from time to a free LG xenon (read: LG Shitter) sucks but it has a keyboard which is nice...

when I get around to it i will buy another unlocked SE of some sort...great phones imo...

kennykramer2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

That's almost exactly what it said. Verizon uses CDMA and so does Sprint. That's #1 and #3 in the US. ATT is #2 and losing customers because of GSM. GSM is still big in Europe, but GSM is quickly becoming last-gen.

BattersUp2828d ago

An American who realizes there's a world outside of America or that the word logic was used in the N4G comment section.

Comet2828d ago

PSP2? Since when was the first PSP a phone?

I call trademarks on PlayStation Mobile® by Sony Ericsson

iforgotmylogin2828d ago

bubbles too battersUp

Sony should just quit while they are ahead
Stick to ps3 and 3d market

Phones isnt for sony
to beat apple they need
a 3g network
and a system that can be expanded

but a system like that leads to hacking.

Hideo_Kojima2828d ago

EU is the main playing field of the mobile phone companies...

Lodes and lodes of phones that are released in the EU and Asia never come to the US.

DaTruth2828d ago

Is it gonna last as long as my PSP1000? I can't get through 3 years with a phone, the damned things break like dancing! My PSP1000 is almost launch and still works to this day!

They should make it backwards compatible with digital PSP games and PSone classics. They'd have my money!

Wrathman2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

hell yes indeedy.that would be a phone id buy.all fanboyism aside.a ps2 must be old enough to go to the size of a n90 by now.stick in a camera,phone(obviously) and wifi internet access..o and music for the chavs to play while walking down the voila..we have a winner.

seriously..that phone would be the nuts.

and fvuk 200,000 apps.maybe im old but who whats to make their phone into a spirit level? fanboys are just special. as in they go to special schools..know wot im saying?!

sikbeta2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )


I get what you're saying but Sony Ericcson is a Joint Venture, Ericcson is probably the cause of Why we still don't see a PSP2-Phone, but Both can Split and take different routes, seeing How pretty Much Sony Push The Tech in the Sony Ericcson Phones adding Cybershot lens + the Walkman Brand and such, Sony can make a Gaming Device with Cellphone Features that Can Stand Out and get Major Success in the Oversaturated Mobile Phone Industry...

Tomdc2828d ago


do you love acronyms...?

..I love accronyms..

Conloles2828d ago

This articles so dumb SE are putting Android and Windows Phone 7 on phonse now so why they would just chop off their market supply of hte PSP2 by featuring phones such as Windows Phone 7 which will have Xbox Live on it is beyond me.

Ahmay2828d ago

had it for three years now... somethings wrong, can't take pics and videos any more.... can anyone help me?

anyways its 2.o mega pixels... i think the 3gs is only 1.3 mp... i felt sony was always high in this area.....

FarEastOrient2828d ago


The first PSP was a phone when you could use Skype on it, it worked on the battlefields of Iraq and wi-fi rich Europe.

PS3istheshit2828d ago

I doubt it but i would totally buy it if Sony did this

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dangert122829d ago

Sony Ericsson PSP2 Could Push Apple Out of Gaming

O_O ill buy 2 lol nah i can't stand apple at all i really can't i hope sony does

kennykramer2829d ago

Apple is borderline a cult. A Sony gaming phone would eliminate Apple from the gaming market. Just don't pull a Nokia.

silvacrest2828d ago

it would be impossible for sony to pull a nokia

everything that would go into a PSP2 is nothing new for sony unlike nokia, its just a combination of different sony divisions coming together to make one device

sikbeta2828d ago

A Sony PlayStation Portable Device with Cellphone Features will be Huge, It'll be a Total Success...

WhatARump2829d ago

What about Nintendo's 3DS... if that had phone capabilities wouldn't that easily destroy apple?

supersonicsaga2829d ago

It has two screens and is blocky. Good for gaming, but not necessarily good for a phone.

WhatARump2828d ago

Yeah but the additional feature wouldn't be a bad idea ;)

basicsameh5142829d ago

when did apple enter gaming? was the iphone intended for gaming?

Raf1k12829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

No it wasn't but Apple started pushing gaming on iPhone which seems to be doing pretty well when it comes to gaming on the go.

edit: TBH I'd prefer PSP2 to just be a proper handheld console instead of a phone hybrid. The iPhone works well due to it's lack of physical buttons and size but the PSP2 would need to have buttons for gaming which would increase it's size making it less suited for phone use.

If the PSP2 is BC I'd buy it day one else I'd wait.

CobraKai2828d ago

I would also prefer a phoneless PSP2. Kinda like how I want an ipod touch. I feel I just don't need the phone part.

How are the games on the Ipod/pad anyway?

skip2mylou2828d ago

u can turn the ipod touch into a cell phone anywaysu just need a certain app and a headset compatible with the ipod touch :) games are pretty good on the ipod touch also they made a world at war zombies edition for it theirs SSF4 on the ipod NFS and Fast and the furious split/second crash bandicout racing and then theirs emulators for the iphone i got pokemon and FF and Legend of Dragoon on it

RealityCheck2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

That would be a huge mistake from Sony. Cellphones are being dominated by iPhone and Android versions, they change often and that is what people want. A portable gaming console needs to be stable for a little while for developers to have time to make more than just mini-games. The cell phone market is just too crowded, it would be a worse mistake than the PSP Go.

Sony is better off catering to the part of the market that they have been able to maintain in parallel with the Nintendo portables. That market being actual gamers that want good graphics, multimedia capabilities, and console-like games.

darx2829d ago

Sony has no chance and should not get involved.

silvacrest2828d ago

the fact that the PSP2 could be running a customized android OS, samsung motorola, HTC, acer, dell all have customized android OS on their phones

instantly the android fans (including me) would be interested in this device, kinda like apple fans buying literally anything apple make

anyway, im sure some business man told MS not to enter the gaming market, at the time the PS2 was dominating like nothing before but they took the plunge and it worked out

karl2828d ago

but the psp2 needs to keep being a handheld .. and not a phone with gaming capabilitys...

soo the problem would be this name "Sony Ericsson PSP2"

its just needs to be the PSP2... if it has a cellphone integrated.. well thats going to be great and will make many more ppl buy it..

sikbeta2828d ago

It would not be a Cellphone with gaming capabilities, It'd be a Portable Gaming Device with Phone Capabilities, that's the problem here cos Ericcson need to get out, IF Ericcson is out of the Picture, Sony can make a PSP2 and add phone features, but the "Main" Device or the Core being a PSP...

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ImmortalLegend2829d ago

Like it or not Apple is already pretty well established in the mobile games department. Of course all of the games might not be that great, but I've seen some of the most simple games be very successful on the App Store. I really don't see them being threatened at all to be honest.

StanLee2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

The article's a joke.

NYPunkster2828d ago

Will PSP2 get users to stop using their phones? No? So then people will continue to buy apps/games for the iPhone.

skip2mylou2828d ago

yes you will because if they re smart and decide to make a cell phone version of psp2 their will both be apps and games coming to the phone and other android capabilities

ABizzel12828d ago

I really don't consider Apple IN GAMING. They have phones and mp3's that can play bit sized games.

Ryudo2828d ago

The chances of any Sony, Nokia, LG or any other bland phone has of selling near as much as the Iphone is completely 0.

viperman2402828d ago

I dont really post much here, but I will on this topic.

I dont think Sony Ericsson will be able to do much damage. Once theres a leader in the market people will just continue to buy their product.

I've had a Sony Ericsson around 2003 it was the W630i, that was the BEST phone I had ever used, radio, mp3, 3d games, accelerometer, very loud speaker, great quality build and lasted about 6hrs. Yet that phone sold very poorly. Around that time the phone wasnt even that expansive, maybe around $300.

Recently Sony came out with the X1 (Xperia 1 and 2) and its barely selling. When the cell came out it was....$ its about $400, and its just like an iPhone. Touch screen accelerometer apps everything you can think of look that phone up you'll see. Its a great phone dont get me wrong, just that I didnt like the fact it costed so much, and it ran pretty slow.

Yet that phone didnt make any headlines even though it did so much, so it's going to be VERY had for Sony to try and make a dent into the apple market. Not only that it has google to compete as well. So if anything Sony Ericsson is going to have to try their best with their next phone, cause I really think the X1 was the phone they were banking on.

Sorry for making this so long and I hope you guys enjoyed the read.

You Already Know2828d ago

I think that is why they are using the PSP name combined with the phone technology of Ericsson...and my best phone here in the US was the s710a as it was just smooth and everyone thought I was from Europe or something when they saw me using it...

the PSP/Sony name combined with Ericsson technology is a hit...

I'm not sure if it can take out Apple, but there is plenty to go around...not everyone likes Apple nor do they have any dedication to them even if they currently have an iPhone

sid4gamerfreak2828d ago

lets hope so...i absolutely detest apple and its products

Snakefist302828d ago

Psp gonna be a phone next they add blu ray on

PotNoodle2828d ago


The 3GS has 3.2 MP camera.

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vgn242829d ago

I think Sony has established enough of a following that they could hit a financial homerun with this.

zootang2829d ago

How much would it cost?

Cheaper or dearer than an iphone?

Use the cybershot camera 8mp


You Already Know2828d ago

$399 sounds about right

it would be ideal if they used Skype or something...

Raf1k12828d ago

The iPhone has always been overpriced so I don't think Sony would have too much trouble making it cheaper.

Close_Second2828d ago

...its price reduces its mass appeal. Last time I checked the IPhone was selling at idiotic levels.

Personally, I think the IPhone is over priced but I'm the only one in my office who does not have one.

Armyntt2829d ago

NOPE not gonna happen.

jsc249jobal2829d ago

with the needed analog stick, etc but no one WILL EVER "push" Apple out of gaming you retard. Do you know how many people are now millionaires because of .99 games on itunes? With the iphone4 just released days ago and people STILL swarming to buy it, Apple has a huge revenue stream for many more years to come.

zootang2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

They already made their money with the iphone. New platform new money!

walker012828d ago

because of their apps on the app store.

Did you know that about 98% of the app developers do not make enough money from their apps to cover their costs. Only a few lucky people make enough money from apps to live off them.

yeah sure apple makes a lot of money but thats because they take 30% + $100 of any money that is made by the developers.