Fable 3 Touch, Co-op, and Marriage Oh My

Christina from BattleStrats talks with Ted Timmins of Lionhead Studios about whats new in Fable 3. The interview covers the new touch system, co-op details, and how you can marry your friends in game and the risks of doing so.

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MorganX2825d ago

Tell me again why so much time is given to farting? I wish they had chosen a darker more hardcore approach to Fable.

yarbie10002825d ago

There were several different ones to choose from, and I am sure there will be even more in the full game. Ted mentioned that the whole experience is based around building relationships - In order to do that, you'll need to do more than just fart :-)

I believe there will be plenty of content for darker players and for light hearted players

Ironfungus2825d ago

Because dude, farting is just SO funny.