Bungie: 'Critical' That Reach 'Not Feel Like Just The Next Version Of Halo'

Bungie will launch the most significant full-scale iteration of its Halo franchise since 2007's Halo 3 when Reach launches this September after the biggest multiplayer beta the company's ever run.

But although the studio pioneered multiplayer with Halo, Reach will be greeted by an audience much evolved over even the years since Halo 3, during which other games made strong multiplayer design both evolved and widely prevalent.

2.7 million Xbox Live players participated in the Halo: Reach beta, helping Bungie iterate on and fine-tune what it sees as the "real pillar" of its games. Hence a challenge emerges for the studio: How to continue pushing the bar and innovate, and still satisfy a hardcore fan base with major expectations of the franchise born of familiarity?

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ArchangelMike2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

"But although the studio pioneered multiplayer with Halo..."

Excuse me?!? Props to Bungie for the work they've done with Halo and how they have developed the franchise, but Bungie did not pioneer multiplayer. I was playing multiplayer PC games back in the mid 90's with Doom and Quake (ID Software), Team Fortress (Valve) etc etc. I was playing multiplayer PS1 games with Micro Maniacs (codeMasters) and more, PS2 console with Timesplitters (FreeRadical - God rest their souls), and more before Bungie came on the scene. They may have pioneerd multiplayer gaming on the xbox, but by no means did they pioneer multiplayer gaming.

In anycase... the Halo series (and Gears of War) are the IP's which have carried the 360. What will happen after Halo Reach and Gears 3 hit (assumming these are the final iterations of these franchises, and that they won't just get milked to death - which I understand is a Big assumption); the 360 ndoes not seem to haved other major exclusive franchises (I have a PC and I don't consider games I can get through steam - Mass Effect etc as being exclusive to the 360).

jdktech20102801d ago

Halo will be around....343 industries is taking the franchise over....Gears will probably die. It does indeed remain to be seen what MS has up their sleeves to replace Gears