Pre-owned blamed for market decline

Cowen and Company report says sales of titles in their second month of release have plummeted.

The growing trade in pre-owned games is the driving force behind the High Street’s struggle to combat year-on-year declines in video games sales, according to a report by analyst group Cowen and Company.

The study compares the current hardware userbase of the PS3 and Xbox 360, which it claims at this moment in time is comparable to how PS2 and Xbox stood in 2003. However, current software sales for the two next-gen machines are around 20 per cent down on what they were for PS2 and Xbox, standing at 106m and 85.5m respectively.

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dangert122948d ago

oh really well i blame the price rise in games,no wants to buy 2nd hand content but if its a better deal its a better deal, and all this online pass bullcrap is just going to slow down sales or kill sales for certain people

TheDuke772948d ago

And the reason people buy used games is because new ones are priced to damn high. I never buy a game at full price, dont usually buy used either though, just wait for sales.

whydoyouask2948d ago

...alot of people wouldn't be able to buy games if they weren't able to get them second hand. These people should just shut the fuck up.