Gamescom: 2 months to go

E3 has only just ended, and European trade and consumer expo Gamescom is already drawing close. The show, which brings together a leading B2B event with a key consumer show, is set to welcome the world's premium publishers and developers, and host a number of key announcements and attendees.

Interested exhibitors can still register at the official exhibitor webpage, as can trade visitors, who can take advantage of the devoted industry-only day on Wednesday, August 18th.

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Cloudberry2886d ago


GWAVE2886d ago

I imagine the convention blowing up with Sony's GT5.

Europe + GT5 = everyone takes a "sick day"

Iamback2886d ago

I expect couple of reveals from Sony EU studios. Studio Liverpool, London, Cambridge, Team Soho....what are they working on? Also maybe new game from Quantic Dream. Sony has had press last couple of years, lets hope thats the case this time too

Hands Up For Games2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Agent. TLG. Mistwalkers Game. A proper title from Rare.

I expect/hope to see all of the above at Gamescom, dont let me down :)!

TheLeprachaun2886d ago

I can't wait. Booked my flights the other day.