Turn your Twitter background into a Trophycard!

You can see the complete example on my Twitter profile So, if you want such an automatically updating background yourself, go to your PS3Heroes settings and just enable it :-)

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Christopher2949d ago

Neat concept, but stopped recording anything after mid-February it seems. My current level and games played are vastly different than what they show.

Also, make sure you don't use the same password for that site as you do for your PSN account if you share the same e-mail address.

Christopher2948d ago

Looks like I went back and it already updated to show all of my latest trophies. Good job on this.

hybridtheory122948d ago

it shows off trophies i unlocked in March when i unlocked one for RDR DLC yesterday..hmm.. i maybe need to sync with server

Christopher2948d ago

Wait a bit and it should update within 24 hours or so. It seems they synch only active accounts daily or so. I had the same issue as above, but went back and it's showing all of my latest trophies.

It's a well-done app.

xYLeinen2949d ago

Just did this and it's pretty nice for our trophy geeks :)

King Hippo2948d ago

I find this pretty pointless considering it's a background which won't really be seen in the first place unless you're looking at the edges of it or decide to actually view the background image.

Abriael2948d ago

You still have the option to just have it tweet the trophies with no background. Actually that's the main purpose of the site, not the background thingie as far as i know :D

I_find_it_funny2948d ago

I can see it perfectly, im using 1440x900 resolution

Abriael2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

It sure was about time we got a functional twitter trophy broadcaster comparable to what raptr does for the 360.
Now if only raptr started broadcasting PS3 trophies again, so that we could use a single service for everything, that'd be awesome.

KionicWarlord2222948d ago

I just tried this . Its great .

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