Trouble With The Ladies? This Is The Sale For You

Ex: "Don’t bother trying to impress the real ladies out there, they require too much work. Besides, sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be right? My Virtual Girlfriend is on SALE, and boasts thousands of girls to choose from, with full 3D environments, funny and flirty dialog (so those of you with less lady-luck can take notes) and several different ways to interact with the girl of your choice. I’m guessing they’re leaving out the virtual hand-job though.

For 99 cents (this weekend only; regular price $2.99) you iPhone gamers can pick this app up and have a woman that will finally respond to their touch."

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CrAppleton2800d ago

Thought this was an interesting app.. haha

Neco5122800d ago

Interesting to say the least. What the heck is up with weird stuff like this? Who buys this kind of app?

Queasy2800d ago

If by interesting you mean "wrong", then yes.

StixRemix2800d ago

This is so many levels of wrong.

inveni02800d ago

Ever looked at porn on an iPad/iPhone? Zooming and swiping just makes it that much better, lol.

Neco5122800d ago

Wow, now I've seen it all.

DaRockSays2800d ago

nice, finally a woman that won't b!tch at me for messin' with her friends

CrAppleton2800d ago

Wow dude.. that's wrong on so many levels

bgrundman2800d ago

Classy move there rock.

2800d ago
no_more_trolling2800d ago

.............................. ............

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