Blizzard Is The Best PC-Developer - Chosen By 10,000 Gamers

The source published a top-10-list of the best developers (PC) chosen by 10,000 gamers. Blizzard placed first. Even Infinity Ward and EA Dice are named. The complete list through the link.

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Squall50052798d ago

Tip 34.
Add unrelated sexy image to ensure atleast 500°

Downtown boogey2798d ago

This image, though, is too obscure so it won't reach a degree anywhere near that.

Panthers2798d ago

Never underestimate a crotch shot like that.

Raf1k12798d ago

Isn't that a Nighe Elf? In which case it's not unrelated as it's one of the races in Blizzard's Warcraft universe.

Nihilism2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

I didn't even see the image until you posted that comment, I came for the ridiculously biased poll, I stayed for the night elf pu$$y... or should I say I came for the night elf pu$$y....* giggles * yeah you're right...too far.

mirroredderorrim2798d ago

I see one and a half puss!es

Clipper132798d ago

Yea same here, there is half A really big hairy pussy in this pic.

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PCA2798d ago

and was cuttet by the n4g-news-cms.

SebTh2798d ago

Damn... your english is very good. Not.

DSco42798d ago

Blizzard? Come on, what about id???

Perjoss2798d ago

id make great engines, great games? not since quake3 me thinks.

Nihilism2798d ago

I agree with the last part...what about I.D?

They, like Blizzard have not made a real game in 10 years. I am looking forward to Doom 4 and RAGE as much as anyone, but they are not out yet. You don't get points for unreleased games.

Let's look as some recent I.D games: Doom 3 and Wolfenstein...yeah, count them out.

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The story is too old to be commented.