Obsidian Boss: "Choice Matters" In RPG Titles

Obsidian boss, Feargus Urquhart has told IncGamers that "choice matters" in RPG titles, and it's these choices which determine a true RPG from a game which incorporates RPG elements.

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Maticus2943d ago

Isn't that pretty much a given?

Djorgo2943d ago

Not sure I agree... I mean, yes, choice making some difference is very good, and is a strong RPG element, but WHAT is really a computer RPG? We're not REALLY "roleplaying" are we?

dangert122943d ago

choice does matter in games thats why i loved mass effect before i played ME i did't like rpg's some say its not even an rpg but w.e it is i enjoy the choices it gives me ^_^

WhatARump2943d ago

Role Playing Game

There's nothing about decisions in that name... even if you rearrrange it ;)
Decisions are a luxury, a sometimes annoying luxury, and not a necessity.

huzzaahh2943d ago

Technically, every single game is a "role playing game" since you're playing the role of somebody or something.

Djorgo2943d ago

God, there's a statement and a half...

Seriously, what some people considers "true RPGs" is really Pen & Paper, or something akin to Baldur's Gate...

Which, at least the original, had very minor implications to the choices you made!

Letros2943d ago

I understand what you're saying, often times in Mass Effect you can choose 2-3 different sayings and they will all end up with the same reply.

I'm a big fan of choice in WRPG, but there's a whole other experience to be had with a spoon fed JRPG game. I like both!

Baldur's Gate II remains as my top WRPG, it was really epic, and I can't wait to see Dragon Age II, I assume it will be a bit more in depth.

As for JRPG, Xenogears still takes the cake for me, amazing game.

2943d ago
BeaArthur2943d ago

I've played plenty of good RPG's without choice.

Bnet3432943d ago

Aren't these the guys that made Alpha Protocol? I'd hide for a few months if I were them.

R_aVe_N2943d ago

Why would they hide? They delivered a game that was fairly good. Sure it did have some flaws, but what game does not this gen? As long as it gets patched there is no reason that people can not enjoy the game. They had everything that an RPG needed in Alpha Protocol. I agree with him 100% choice does matter in RPG's it just seems a lot of dev teams still don't get this. If the game progresses the same no matter happens it just makes it kind of boring.

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The story is too old to be commented.