Go! Gaming Giant: Space Ark Review

From the review:

"If you read our Strawdog Studios interview a few months back, you should already be at least somewhat familiar with Space Ark. If not, you will be now. There have been a lot of great games so far this year and a lot more are expected, but as odd as it may sound, one of my most highly-anticipated games was a little indie casual title known as Space Ark. Don’t get me wrong, I love many of the hardcore blockbusters as much as the next guy—whomever he may be—but I am a sucker for a good, addictive casual game that I can come back to time and time again. These are the games that keep me busy for hours and can easily be enjoyed with others or by myself. I am glad to say that another game can now be added to these ranks."

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Murgatroyd72918d ago

I'm so disappointed with how the multiplayer turned out with this one. This could have been my first 10/10 if it weren't for that.

omicron0092918d ago

it looks like it would be a fun game. Wonder if they sell it on steam

thegreatest78842918d ago

This sounds like the next peggle

RaymondM2918d ago

oh for the love of god I hope its not as addicting as peggle.
On the other hand it does look pretty fun. it'll have to go in my file of 'games that I'll play when I have time'. It'll go in right after Alone in the Dark

Fabian2917d ago

I've sometimes been suspicious of the idea of just focussing on one aspect of a game in order to do it well and not even bothering with other modes... but it seems like this might have benefited from the developers not bothering with multiplayer at all.