Kinect 'Needs More Quality Software' - Analyst

Microsoft's Kinect could have a successful and long future ahead of it if its games are good enough, according to analysts.

Panoptic Management Consultants have given their verdict on who came out on top at E3 and what the future held for the platform holders.

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dangert122769d ago

well when they improve the hardware quality,then we can talk about software quality. one step at a time

General Pinky2769d ago

all you do is troll on 360 posts....come on one cares what you think of the xbox 360 or the Kinect/natal...
just get off their nuts making yourself look bad man....real talk...

dangert122768d ago

i look at most ps3 articals not trolling giving my honest opinion,i don't care how it looks cause how it looks is not always how it seems sony's nuttz do you feel like around on halo 3 or gears 2? im not on sony's nuts i play what i enjoy and speak my mind