Activision not fully supporting Move/Kinect, wary of high prices

Wondering why we didn't see a Kinect version of Guitar Hero or a Move-enabled Call of Duty at E3? COO Thomas Tippl told Gamasutra it's because Activision is hesitant to dive into the motion market, mostly due to the high price point of Move and expected high price of Microsoft's Kinect

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dangert122949d ago

you imaigine if activisions aniversary 2day and not mj's

BubbleSystemSuck2949d ago

Rapala Fishing... good game for Move

nycredude2949d ago

Activision of all people are wary of high prices? Are you fucking serious with this shit. Activision is the only reason I won't pick up the new transformers game. Gotta wait until it is used.

MysticStrummer2949d ago

They have no problem overcharging for map packs.