Top 5 games that get unfairly hated on

There’s too much hate in the world, especially in the world of games, especially on the internet. So, in an effort to counter some of this negativity, here’s five games that take a lot of crap they don’t deserve…

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branchedout2914d ago

What about games that get NO love and ALL hate. All of these games have an army of rabid fanboys behind them to support the game. Dissapointed in this list.

Alpha Protocol should be on there. Maybe the game publishers didn't pay off reviews. Maybe the game killed their parents. But I genuinely enjoyed it. And I'm completely flabbergasted of why it receives so much flak.

wiggles2914d ago

Play is really the dumbest gaming website that gets submitted...

Darkfocus2914d ago

I mean how is MW2 being unfairly hated it on? it has tons of bugs, $15 map packs,a $60 price on PC where as all other games are $50 and laggy P2P online where the host has a huge advantage. I see plenty of reason to hate it.

GWAVE2914d ago

FF13 and MW2 fully deserve all of the hate they receive.

TheDeadMetalhead2914d ago

They gave Sonic 06 a 9.5. Anything written from this site ever is instantly invalidated.

ico922914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

my only hate MW2's online the single player is pretty intense besides its far fetched story and short length, spec ops is also great.

But the online is overrated beyond beleif, the M4 has like unlimited range its like a rail gun, the kill streaks are ridiculous, the spawn points are ridiculous, the glitches are hilarious and at times render the online unplayable, and the ammount of camping is a joke, did i mention how overpowered the M4 is ?

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NumeroUno2914d ago

List was decent until the last 2. And no, Alpha Protocol is garbage and deserves all the "hate" is receives for all the "hype" it put out.

ShadowCK2914d ago

Where the hell is Halo? That game is hated for outrageous reasons.

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SuperMassiveGav2914d ago

Having a huge fanbase doesn't mean a game can't get unfairly hated on. In fact, it makes it more likely.

And Alpha Protocol doesn't get hated on. Everyone's too indifferent to it to hate it.

For what it's worth though, PLAY gave it a pretty high score of 83%.

jalen2472914d ago

Resistance 2 gets hated on unnecessarily.

It is just as good as Resistance and in some areas like graphics and multiplayer...its a lot better.

nikkisixx22914d ago

I agree, I absolutely love the MP in R2. Splitscreen is also very fun with a friend.

thief2914d ago

Cant agree more. Having played L4D, which is mainly coop - R2's coop is better, plus it has decent single-player and exclellent multi-player, yet you hear more praise for L4D, strange.

Wolverick2914d ago

One of my favorite games ever.

nnotdead2914d ago

im going to have to be the lone disagree. i thought 2 was a step in every way except co-op. i also don't think 2 got that much hate. more people where just disappointed more than anything.

thehitman2914d ago

Resistance2 wasnt the biggest dissapointment of a game I ever bought EVER!. Above madden 07 for ps3 and above MW2. Resistance:FOM is leaps and bounds greater than res2 in all aspects but graphics. With that said Res2 wasnt hated on its just a huge disappointment.

madpuppy2914d ago


that and the grimm suck!

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nikkisixx22914d ago

MW2? lmao, such a terrible game should be hated on.

alphakennybody2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

M.A.G should've been n*1 instead of MW2. So many unfair reviews it had, many of them which were only based on the beta. Other reviewed after only 10 hours of play, and without unlocking the full 256 player maps.

MysticStrummer2914d ago

Totally agree. I just got through with a MAG session. It's my favorite online FPS by a mile. MW2 deserves every bit of hate it gets. Can't comment on the other games really, except that I liked the little bit of Far Cry 2 that I played and their defense of FF13 is laughable.

spektical2914d ago

i agree. For a near perfect review, you must play MAG like any other MMORPG game. There are too many skill sets to unlock to just judge the game in a mere 10 hours, and judging the game based on a beta is a huge mistake as well.