Allods Online Producer: 'Consoles are like Condoms'

GamerZines writes:

The PC versus console argument has raged on since the earliest days of our intriguing hobby, but in a recent interview with GamerZines, Allods Online's producer Vincent Douvier has explained why many publishers have placed a new impetus on what he calls the safer option.

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Letros2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

They make a point, it ain't easy to do, but if you want the big bucks you go PC, while WoW is quite the anomaly at this time, it won't be long before other publishers start breaking into this booming cash cow, EA with SW:TOR, THQ with Dark Millenium. I can see why Kotick wants Call of Duty to be subscription based and/or an MMO with the money Blizzard is pulling in.

While I enjoy a good MMO once and awhile, there is definitely a strong place for solid single player experience games(Dragon Age, God of War, etc.) The problem is games are getting so exponentially expensive to create its becoming a huge gamble, which is why we see so many sequels. A few MMO's have been lackluster at start, but have ended up being enjoyable/profitable products down the road, Age of Conan is a good example. I think APB will fall into this category too.

sid4gamerfreak2828d ago

PC gaming is the best

-precise controls
- cheaper games
-high resolutions
- Many RTS, MMO games
-Boasts the biggest library of games

those are just some of the great things about a pc. In the end, PC gaming experience is more rewarding and exciting than a console experience...

dangert122829d ago

i prefer console gaming ain't nothing like holdig a pad (i know you can do that on pc but mine is stuck in the corner)
only thing i want from pc gaming is the game prices can't ubisoft etc have there own stores like mobile phone providers should get ride of paying a 3rd person
Ubisoft>>>> Gamestation/gamestop>>&g t;>'gamer'
sure we could take out famestation or gamestation/gamestop and keep prices down some how,

Substance1012829d ago

Its the needless royalities paid to Microsoft and Sony that drive up console gaming costs.

Over time this becomes huge, however since people generally dont see how much they pay over time they think consoles are cheap. Which is something these companies are banking on. If anyone calculated how costly console gaming is over time and the inferior experience it would be hard to justify a console asides the few exclusives every year.

rkimoto2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I don't think the costs are higher in consoles, it really depends on several factors:

- How much time you dedicate to playing video games
- How much money you have to spend
- What types of games you like to play
- Do you care much for specs?
- How many friends have your gaming platform
- etc

Let me give you my personal experience as reference, I only play between 10-15 hours a week, buy 6 games a year (some of them are day one purchases). Assuming all games are bought new (which sometimes is not necessary to do) and in a 7 year cycle:

- $350 console + $2,721 games (including tax) = $3,071 - $1,050 (assuming I re-sell 35 games for which I get $30/game when selling them to my local Blockbuster) = $2,021 USD

So, in a 7 year cycle, I get to prorate $2,021 USD, which comes to $288.71 USD/year.

I don't know how much you spent on your PC and games, but if it's lower than this then it's a great deal for you, but when all of my friends are on consoles I don't see the need to spend more money on PC gaming.

Yes, the gaming experience can be enhanced on a PC, but I don't feel I need more than what my Xbox 360 and PS3 currently provide.

In the end, it's a personal choice, one can't condemn what's better for you or try to change your perception of what a better experience is.

PS: Just clarifying, I didn't hit the disagree button on you lol

BubbleSystemSuck2829d ago

Whole console gamen secure: NO
PS3: Yes= No Piracy

Ironfungus2829d ago

"The PC versus console argument has raged on since the earliest days of our intriguing hobby."

What argument? PC has always dominated consoles in terms of graphics, performance and stability. Consoles die out, the PC doesn't.

HDgamer2829d ago

So true, the ps3 is like the Trojan magnums. Big, strong, for the real men. Everything else just doesn't come close.

360 is like the 3 for 1.00 condoms that will break and disappear as soon as you stick it inside the girl.

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