Top 10: The Scariest Nintendo DS Games

This articles presents the Top 10 scariest Nintendo DS games. Check out the latest hand picked image collection of frightening Nintendo games.

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franktheprank2612d ago

Dementium is a cool series. They rock. Especially at night.

portablegaming2612d ago

There are quite a few good scary DS games. But mainly nobody knows them.

Aphe2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I completed Dementium 2 the other night, it was pretty cool, the ending wasn't that great though.

EDIT: Why did this get approved?

al-burrito2612d ago

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ftw! :D :D

Schneestern2612d ago

never played one and never will...I need to sleep at night xD

Fefe2612d ago

You can sleep, when you are dead. Talking about death...I don't like playing scary games - its too scary xD

synce2612d ago

What is this crap? Post it on a German site