Rumor: Rockstar's New PS3 title to use Natural Motion's Euphoria Engine

In addition to the announcement of Rockstar developing a exclusive title for the PS3. It is rumored that this new title may be using Natural Motion's Euphoria animation engine which Rockstar reportedly licensed a few months ago.

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Xwow3767d ago

i can,t wait for new information,Rockstar is really a great company :D

ben hates you3767d ago

GTA IV use Euphoria? am i wrong

Antan3767d ago

I think they said it was a modified table tennis engine, HEAVILY one would think!!

ShiftyLookingCow3767d ago

Euphoria is an animation and physics engine, so yes GTA4 uses RAGE and Euphoria, atleast according to many previews of GTA4

uHuRu3767d ago

GTA IV uses the table tennis engine, RAGE.

felidae3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

it's so nice to hear all this good news for sony. finally they're back in business - i think they've never been away. smart smart

@above: right

Vojkan3767d ago

Name of this engine doesn't tell me much. What games use it?

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The story is too old to be commented.