Studio Ghibli + PS3: Why You Should Care

Play-mag writes "Level 5 recently confirmed a rumour that had been circling that its project with Studio Ghibli, originally thought to be a Nintendo DS only title, would be a franchise expanding onto PS3. Ni no Kuni is the first game to be made in direct collaboration with the Japanese animation studio and as a result it is getting a lot of attention already, but if you’re not already excited by the prospect, let us walk you through why you should care"

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i think youl find us rpg fans all care but as usual with non mainstream rpgs it will either take ages to localize or they just wont bother, but as level 5 is involved and the recent success of demons souls im hoping we see a change in attitude to the west and they remember from ps2 days that we love this sort of game so they hurry up and get it to us asap.

zootang2944d ago

Level 5 is White Knight Cronicals. From Software is demon souls. Don't worry I made a similar mistake a few days ago

USEYOURFIST2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

yea i know i was just referencing the suprise atlus had at the success of demons souls in the west, and level 5 as there games all seem to come to us/uk (normally take a long time tho)