Thoughts on the New Xbox 360 S

Critical Gamer writes: Microsoft took a note from Steve Jobs at last week’s E3, announcing that the new Xbox 360 S would begin shipping to stores immediately. This new iteration sports a 250 GB hard drive, built-in Wireless B/G/N support, and a sleek, lighter design. The console arrived in stores late last week and our staff writer, Joe, got his hands on it. Here’s his breakdown:

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scruffy_bear2856d ago

Going to pick up a Xbox 360 S very soon :)

commodore642856d ago

The author agrees:

" If you’ve refrained from buying an Xbox 360 until now, this is absolutely the one to get."

Conloles2856d ago

If you dont have one its worth it

Pennywise2856d ago

If you have refrained until now from buying one... there is probably more reasons than the looks of the xbox.

Pistolero2856d ago

"If you have refrained until now from buying one... there is probably more reasons than the looks of the xbox." being an idiot fanboy. but nah...that couldn't be the case with must be something else.

basicsameh5142856d ago

i agree if you dont own a 360 its the perfect time to buy one

scruffy_bear2856d ago

Yeah going to pick up a Xbox 360 S, cant wait so many new games to play. Us gamers are spoiled

AAACE52856d ago

I wanna get this one, but I know a bundle will be coming for the holidays. Plus, the one I have doesn't have any problems, so i'll just wait until then. But dam it's hard to not get one right now!

gtamike2856d ago

Red dot of death "google"

siyrobbo2856d ago

ylod 'google'
wii connect 247 overheating 'google'
bsod 'google'

$hit happens, deal with it

Pistolero2856d ago

i wish i could get one soon but i already have a 360, ps3 and wii and right now money is tighter than normal but i'm thinking around christmas time i will be able to get one.
i just like the new look and how everybody talks about how much cooler and quieter it 360 and fat ps3 are both really loud....and of course i also love the super fast wi-fi and the 250GB hard drive.

gamerzBEreal172856d ago

i already got one but the sad part is im sick of gears never liked halo dont buy none online games (alan wake splinter cell) and left4dead2 fails in my eyes so theres nothing to play!! i wish gears3 and reach would get here already

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Cubes2856d ago

Yeah totally agree, if you're going to get one this is the one to get. No more RROD! (hopefully!!) Not sure if I've got room under the TV mind you, even in it's slim form.

Ult iMate2856d ago

It's not slim. It's just "S".
It's not thinner or narrower. It's just 15% shorter.

R2D22856d ago

Compare the fat PS2 to the slim PS2, now thats slim. The PS3 slim looks shorter not slimmer.

Ult iMate2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

PS3 Slim is thinner and shorter. It's just wider, yes. But in two dimensions of three it's smaller.

You know, even Microsoft doesn't call new Xbox "slim". Don Mattrick called it "slicker, smaller" at Microsoft E3 press-conference.

ElementX2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I will post what I've posted in other RDOD/360S threads:

I played Alan Wake for 2 hours and took temp readings from the exhaust vent: 119-122F, 48C-50C.

I played Fable 2 for 2 hours and took a temp reading, constant 139F or 59C.

Case remained cool to the touch. I'm surprised more people aren't doing temperature readings and posting them.

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ElementX2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Well, I haven't done any temp checks on my PS3, but you don't have to attack me. Aren't people curious how hot their electronics get? I know PC users are. Then you have the fanboys like you claiming the new 360S is going to get RDOD and it's going to overheat. What's wrong with checking out of curiosity? Grow up man. Btw, caps are lame, didn't you get the memo?

Close_Second2856d ago

And is a positive step for driving sales.

r1sh122856d ago

IT does look good, and I will get one (not sure when but soon)..
The only thing I dont get..
Why didnt they just add blu ray?!

edhe2856d ago

Because it's not a new console, it's the old one with new bits that are better.

Adding a blu-ray drive would change a whole lot of things that would impact publishers and developers. You don't want to alter that pipeline.

Even then, it'd never get used for games because it'd split the consumers, so there's little point for a games console changing it's media drive when it'll never use it for gaming.

If hd dvd had won then maybe you'd see games on hd dvd where one layer is dvd9 game data and the other later is a higher def option, and they could sell it as one product.

Not with Blu-ray.

gypsygib2856d ago

They could have added Blu-ray and limited it to movie watching, that would have exponentially increased the 360S value. Alot of people have 1080p tvs now and want to rent Blu-rays. The MS movie rental service is more expensive than Blockbuster, has worse selection and is 720p.

edhe2854d ago

Streaming 1080p off Zune is quite easy, actually - the rental prices are only competitive when you consider how much time it saves you scooting down to the 'local' rental shop a mile away.

Yes they could've included blu-ray - as long as they found a drive that performed the same for DVDs as the current drive do in order to ensure everyone's multiplayer games load up in similar timeframes.

But they didn't, and i already have a blu-ray player, so do most people here i bet.

It's a non-issue.

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