First White Knight Chronicles 2 Commercial

Andriasang: Sony has started a commercial campaign for White Knight Chronicles 2.

The first in what will presumably be a series of spots is titled "Level-5 Version." Level-5's role in the game's development gets a big mention midway through the ad. Also mentioned towards the end of the spot is the inclusion of part 1 in the package.

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Chris3992944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

I want.

Hopefully with L-5 opening up a U.S. branch we'll get this before the fiscal year is up (March 2011).

P.S. You can download the two most recent trailers (game-play/ weapons/ online footage) off the Japanese PSN btw. They've been out for a couple weeks now. The visuals and particle effects - especially for spells - have been cranked right up.


yea hopefully it gets localized fast, i really hated how the first one ended it felt more like i had just finished the intro in terms of story progression, i no it was probably intended as its a trilogy but still should have had a bit more closure to that particular story arc

jneul2944d ago

please sell loads so that level 5 will reconsider making this into a trilogy i love WKC:):)


have they said it wont still be a trilogy ???

jneul2944d ago

yes before all the trailers came out hang on i will find the info for you


thanks thats really dissapointing but at least it will have a proper ending this time

remanutd552944d ago

man ,i really hope WKC 2 gets localized a lot faster than WKC , i really loved first part