New Final Fantasy XIV video details changes from alpha to beta

A new official Final Fantasy XIV video details the changes between the alpha and beta versions of the upcoming MMO.

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synce2889d ago

Just not $15 a month sweet.

Wizziokid2889d ago

well it it's standard mmo rate its going to be tough to choose between this and Star Wars: TOR...

beardpapa2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Hope it's not like the first game where if you don't play for several months they wipe out your account, and you're forced to purchase an entire game again. Stupid Square.

Nicolee2889d ago

they need to update , patch and looking after server 24hrs that why they charge monthly fees for so yes and no about the fees really as you get more quality of gameplay in the game. and alway make game more interesting + you will lost your time in the game for hrs and save some money without buy any other game.

Reibooi2889d ago

Looks awesome. The combat looks like it moves MUCH faster. Which is impressive considering alot of the abilities and what not are not even in the game yet so it will probably bit even faster paced in the final version. There is also feed back from the beta to consider so I am sure the game will be great once it finally ships.

Madis0072889d ago

Alpha to beta and beta to final

Wizziokid2889d ago

Have they said anything about a monthly fee for PS3 yet?

Caffo012889d ago

there will be a monthly fee also for ps3...100% sure about it!

Nicolee2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

yes , they will be monthly fee on both PC and PS3 and its a cross platform gameplay so if you have both PC and PS3 version as same account and use the same name and character . like today play on PS3 and tomorrow play on PC . lol

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The story is too old to be commented.