PSU: WarHawk Beta Hands On (5 New Gameplay Videos)

Check out PSU's latest hands on preview where they walk you through the WarHawk beta that's online for select PS3 users. Included in the preview are 5 videos showing the following:

#1. Warhawk Menu Systems
#2. Driving around the Country-side
#3. SIXAXIS controls
#4. First Flight
#5. Dying while Flying

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RussianSniper3734d ago

The beta was out 2 months ago....Why the hell are they showing this NOW?

timmyp533734d ago

well maybe some ppl need tips still
well anyway.. i hate wmv on the internet it loads freakin slow as hell. Flash all the way.

GoLeafsGo3734d ago

This is just adding salt to the wounds

Salvadore3734d ago

This is the fricking reason why I want to buy a PS3.