88,000 weapons combinations in Fable III

There are simply loads of weapons combinations in Fable III thanks to the all new weapons evolution system.

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SOAD2798d ago

It sounds impressive, but I'm remembering the 600,000 different weapons claim for Borderlands and that ended up being a little meh. Not the game, just the variety.

Tompkins2798d ago

Wasn't it supposed to be even more than that?

dragonelite2798d ago

There were like 100 different designs the rest was all stat stuff.

fantasygamer2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Shouldn't this also be categorized under PC since its also a PC game. ^-^

KingPin2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

I dont like the fable franchise...purely because they promise a whole lot of crap and then under deliver. Fable 1 gets released. talk is its one of the best RPG games ever made! Fable 2 comes out, all of a sudden, Fable 1 was missing a whole lot of stuff, they adding it to fable 2! Fable 2 will be the greatest RPG game ever made! Fable 3 coming out soon, now suddenly, fable 2 was trash! i mean seriously, all the stuff they promising for fable 3, delivered or not, When fable 4 comes out, im guessing they gonna say Fable 3 was a huge let down. this time they doing it right!

ShadesMoolah2798d ago

There's obviously technological constraints on Lionhead, and time/budget issues. Microsoft does want the games to come out this millenium despite Peter wanting to add more stuff and continually work on the games. I see what you're saying, but as with any game, improvements with each iteration is something to strive for, and as gamers something we should demand and expect.