Hands-On Preview: Crackdown 2 - Electronic Theatre

As the follow-up to what once seemed like the least likely Microsoft game to ever receive a sequel, many are watching Crackdown 2’s with a careful eye to see how it shapes-up in the market. The original Crackdown presented a first for console gaming in that of the included invite to the Halo 3 multiplayer beta testing phase, and with a new developer at the helm, Crackdown 2 of course wishes to echo that pioneering spirit. The demo version released on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace earlier this week is not only open, expansive and engaging, but also connects to the full retail release in a very unique way.

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tried the demo. looking forward to the game!

kevco332949d ago

Has anyone got the unlimited time glitch to work on the demo? Doesn't seemt o be happening for me...