Kane & Lynch 2: A Sequel Done Right

Ripten: "The original Kane & Lynch: Dead Men was praised for its intense story and gritty characters, but the gameplay left something to be desired. Well, IO Interactive and Square Enix took the franchise back to the drawing board, and with that, raised the intensity and gameplay to insane new heights for Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days."

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FrankDaTank3034d ago

jeff will probably still give it a 6.

CrzyFooL3034d ago

As long as it's not a GIANT BOMB amirite!? lololololol

Michael-Jackson3034d ago

He should give it 5 stars for sarcasm...

greeneggsnsam3033d ago

Unless the ad company pays him off...

Somehow that seems unlikely.

Sandwich Bender3034d ago

I really did love the characters from the first game. Hopefully this will rock.

ReservoirDog3163034d ago

This actually looks really good. Hopefully it turns out as good as I'm hoping. I really have to play the first one though. Just never got around to it.

Hmm, probably cheap on ebay...

Ironfungus3034d ago

Hopefully no one else will get fired for its review.

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The story is too old to be commented.