SOCOM 4 Impressions (Without MOVE)

Ironstar: One of my most anticipated games this year at E3 was SOCOM 4. SOCOM 4 is being developed by Zipper Interactive, who developed SOCOM 1 to 3, and SOCOM: Combined Assault. SOCOM Confrontation was not developed by Zipper Interactive, but instead was developed by Slant 6 Games. Do not judge SOCOM 4 based on SOCOM Confrontation. After Zipper Int. finished MAG, SOCOM 4 was bound to be announced. Without further ado, SOCOM 4 is looking very promising...

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I_find_it_funny2918d ago

Can't wait for Socom4. I will definately play it with dualshock not Move ;)

FanOfGaming2918d ago

I'm willing to play with either, but regardless; Socom 4 multiplayer is what I'm interested in above all.

dangert122918d ago

they need different lobbies move verus controller is not fair

Games4M - Rob2918d ago

Dont be such a whiney pleb.

dangert122918d ago

im not wining but its like

real bullets vs rubber bullets

jjohan352917d ago

I actually don't think it would be fair to the Move players. Separate the lobbies to keep the casual Move players from the more serious players.

strickers2917d ago

I think Sony would be mad to do separate lobby especially if Move is better.How many Moves will be sold if experienced players start getting beat a lot,and then find out Move is the difference?

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 2917d ago

I will play it on Move, to Own the DS3 Players.

Lirky2918d ago

I certainly hope it was as addicting from Socom II u.s. navy seals foxhunt was a fun map. Sniping was alot of fun.

boogey1572918d ago

Foxhunt was fun too....Had the most fun on Nightstalker or the Ruins

Microsoft Xbox 3602918d ago

I agree with you. Foxhunt was the best map of any Socom game ever.

mantisimo2917d ago

.....has started using this rubbish word "addicting" it doesnt exist and is very annoying. I personally hope the new socom is very "Addictive"

*rant over*

kr90912918d ago

Can't wait to jump online in this game!! Even though SOCOM has always been about gameplay, a graphics bump would be nice considering they have stayed pretty much the same throughout the series. Even if the graphics aren't Really nice I know I will enjoy the game. I hope Zipper brings back some old SOCOM 2 maps for us veterans :) and as some of the people above me said, Foxhunt was epic. I would love to see this map make a comeback!

Squall50052918d ago

The word SOCOM is used 9 times in this post's description.
Subliminal message? =P

red2tango2918d ago

This author doesn't even know what he's talking about. Zipper didn't make Combined Assault.

pansenbaer2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Apparently, you have no idea what you're talking about. Zipper Interactive did indeed create SOCOM: Combined Assault. Are you sure you're not thinking of Confrontation, like the author suggests...?

red2tango2917d ago

lmao i failed hard there :P

pansenbaer2916d ago

Bubbles for being able to laugh at yourself. :)

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