Counter-Strike Source: The New Graphics - A Comparison

Counter-Strike Source is now up to date - with a new graphics engine. Valve updated it's most succesfull multiplayer shooter and made it available for Mac users. Now the good old boy looks better than before. But are the changes really that obvious? Take a look and check the graphics comparison.

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Pandamobile2942d ago

Slightly higher resolution textures, new particle systems, motion blur, multi-core rendering and more Steam integration.

The game uses all the old assets from CS:S, just with the updated engine. Don't be expecting a major change...

Sandwich Bender2942d ago

Maybe not major, but it's noticeable.

Spenok2942d ago

Definitly Noticeable.

evrfighter2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

I'm just glad they fixed the slight pause I'd experience every 2 minutes or so ingame. Could never figure that out but this update seems to have it fixed.

Not sure how I feel about stats though. By nature I'm competitive. CS was one of the last games I could pickup and not even look at the score. I had fun yesterday with a buddy getting those really cheesy achievements so hopefully it stays that way.

sid4gamerfreak2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

WHo plays CS:S for its graphics anyway? I certainly dont. Love the CS experience because of its engaging and FUN gameplay...

But I see it has improved. Good job Valve...

EDIT: Damn i get 150fps which results in stuttering frames...

r4nger2942d ago

stick in a max fps in the console then, should stop massive drops in fps

mittwaffen2942d ago

I get '150 fps which results in shttering'

REALLY? V-sync should always be enabled if you have those issues foo.

gtamike2942d ago

Detail textures overlaped on the old textures

Fishy Fingers2942d ago

Nice, looks like I'll be playing some CS later. Any reason this wouldn't translate over to gungame/surf servers?

evrfighter2942d ago

yesterday it seemed like the gungame, dm, surf servers had all reverted back to default cs.

Not sure if this was intended by the server owners.

Thepro3182942d ago

VALVE time make counter stike on PS3

Pandamobile2942d ago

Lol. The thought of trying to play CSS with a controller is laughable.

mittwaffen2942d ago

Even move vs mice they'd get destoryed.

Huarle2942d ago

Geez, who ever played CS(S) because of the graphics?

mcgrawgamer2942d ago

quite possibly the people who can fondly remember the game at release back in 2004. But I digress the game holds up extremely well gameplay wise and the new updates to the engine have given me a smoother experience as well as a nice lil graphical bump. Your right however at this point most cs(s) players play the game because it's that good.

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The story is too old to be commented.