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From the team at Artificial Mind and Movement, the folks behind WET, MySims Racing and a wealth of big name ports, comes Naughty Bear, their latest original IP. Midlife Gamer goes down to the woods to see if it's a roaring success, or bear-ly playable.

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Madis0072828d ago

i buy this game because its funny

dangert122828d ago

that was what i thouught first time i seen it
but as more and more was shown it kind of told it wearnt much of a great game

Epicor2828d ago

there's a lot of cheaper funny things in the world...

ThanatosDMC2828d ago

Yep, like this one:

Easter Bunny > Naughty Bear

Squall50052828d ago

I'd take the N64 version of Conker's Bad Fur Day over this any day!

Spenok2828d ago

This is kind of disapointing, i was hopeing for something a little better. However i wasnt expecting it. Oh well, i guess ill have to wait for it to drop in price a little before i pick this one up. Im sure i wont have to wait long.

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