A Universal Console Might Kill The Industry As We Know It

So what happens if the console wars come to an end and we all get a universal gaming platform? What happens to the gaming community? we NEED the fanboys?

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Pandamobile2918d ago

Yeah, a console monopoly. That'd go over like a lead balloon. It would cost a fortune and offer no innovation whatsoever because it wouldn't have anything competing with it.

An industry NEEDS competition to prosper.

Sarevok2918d ago

It would put a end to the fanboy wars.

8800gtx2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Inferior Technology would then get marketed as next gen for two decades instead of just one shhh...


Sarevok2918d ago


I never said that would not happen. xP

Colonel-Killzone2918d ago

You think that fanboys are more important then innovation and competition between consoles ? All they would do is stick together and say gaming was better before a Universal console. That would just create new ones. Different day same old shit

Wrathman2918d ago

fanboys ehh.

we are now beginning to witness the biggest loser fanoys of all time.


Boody-Bandit2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Not even close. People on here argue all the time that are hardcore devoted to one console.

1st guy "Halo is better than Gears!"
2nd "GTFO Gears shits all over Halo in fun factor!"
3rd "You're both nuts. The COD series is the best, PERIOD!"
4th "No, you're all bat shit crazy! Battlefield is the real deal!"

There is one NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc...
Does that stop people from being fanatics and arguing to the end of time?

Fanatics will always be fanatics. Even though sports is completely different entity from gaming it supports the point that people have and will always argue. It's human nature to argue. Although I never argue with anyone. I think it's about as much a wasted of time as hate. Life is too short to waste it arguing. Especially on the net.

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xHarvey2918d ago

You're right we need competition but imagine gaming with out fan boys, no exclusive titles for a particular console,servers for multiplayer games will always have someone to play with. Fun to think about but yeah then it will cost a fortune.

evrfighter2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

this is why fanboys are bad.

They don't realize that without competition. nothing progresses. There has to be an Apple and a M$, an intel and AMD, Nvidia and ATI, Sony and Samsung.

Yin and Yang. otherwise everything is gray.

One day I hope fanboys realize this.

Microsoft Xbox 3602918d ago

Competition cannot exist without fanboys. Who else is going to spread the word, point out the flaws of others, support the weaker team, and drive the industry?

nickjkl2918d ago

idk ps3 is pretty much competing with its self at the moment

Pistolero2918d ago

you are absolutely right pandamobile...competition is vital to the health of an industry....i mean would anybody want there to only be one dvd or bluray player to choose from...or only one model of hdtv to play our games and movies on?....of course not...competition is good.

sid4gamerfreak2918d ago

Agree with Pandaobile and he puts it very well. Competition is needed in any industry as the products keep rivaling and getting better. If there was one universal console, no improvements and innovation would be made.

No motivation factor to improve the product.

And no fanboy wars :(

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Anon73492918d ago

No, it won't.

There will never be a universal console, and the closest thing we'll ever get to that is PC gaming.

Substance1012918d ago

PC already kinda is that universal system. I had 2 friends who were console gamers. One of them a PS3 fan another a Xbox 360 fan. Both are really good friends and would like to play MP games together.

They recently made the shift to PC gaming. Both played Splinter Cell conviction. The X PS3 gamer played on his DS3 while the other used an Xbox controller. They said it felt like playing on super high powered console, however they could finally MP together and get to play on controller of choice.

Nihilism2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

"both played Splinter Cell conviction"

What a terrible game to convert to PC gaming over. Trade in your console for a DRM infested POS that requires a constant internet connection.

That sounds more like a horror story than a good one.

If it had read "both had squabbled over which version of BFBC2 was better, the 360 or PS3, but then they both bought gaming PC's and lived happily ever after in DX11 heaven" then it would be a good story.


I hope Apple and Sega bring out consoles next gen, or even another manufacturer....a Samsung based game console. That would be crazy awesome, there would be a $#!+ tonne of competition and maybe developers would really have to start making innovative games...there are only so many pointless peripherals that can come out in a short space of time before they start to look like jackasses.


Samsung TV's are the best, they are fairly overpriced though, I bought a Sony Bravia KDL-EX500 40" 100hz LCD because it looked great and the price was right.

There gets a point with every piece of technology where the price gets exponentially too expensive as you get up into the high end...if I had the money though, I would have bought a Samsung LED for sure.

Chris3992918d ago

Every television or monitor in my house is a Samsung (that makes three of them).

I think it's safe to say that if I had to pin myself as a "breed" of fanboy, I would be a Samsung fanboy.

Their image quality and price to performance ratio is unmatched. I recommend their sets to anyone who asks. Really the most beautiful displays I've ever owned. And not a dead pixel or glitch on any of them.

I heart Samsung.

Pistolero2918d ago

i have a 40 inch Samsung lcd and i love's great....I also have an older Sony hdtv that still has a great picture....i'd say those two are some of the best tv makers....oh and panasonic is also pretty good in the plasma arena.

Chris3992918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Where are you from, dchalfont? Here in Canada, we always have sales and discounts on Samsung sets.

Best Buy is having a "Samsung Sale" atm. Gonna pick up a small monitor for my friend's b-day later today actually. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I've always gotten my Samsung stuff for cheap. And basic sticker price was always lower than a Sony set.

You can even pick up the 750 series 3D, 240 hz sets for under 2 grand. My God, the picture on this thing is smooth as butter. Got mine a month or so ago for $1999 WITH a very nice stainless steel/ black glass stand (after much bartering and finagling :P) I was going to go LED, but they were definitely more expensive than the set I settled on - and it had 3D (which, yes, is relatively superfluous atm :P) and the picture quality actually appeared about the same.

Either way, I'd agree that Sony and Samsung make the best sets - in my experience.

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Magnus2918d ago

It takes the fun out of the competion between Sony and Microsoft without those two trying to out do each. I like the new technology the companies bring out in their heated battles. A universal console would hinder the new technologies like Natal and Blu-Ray and the companies designing this new console will be fighting over the design of the console to the name of the console, to the launch titles. A universal console would wreck the gaming industry more than anything.

jneul2918d ago

This is one of my main reasons for encouraging everybody not to side with MS, look at what they have done to PC's and tell me that the innovation over there has not gone stagnant, at least sony and nintendo will always push for innovation and quality, so us gamer's always win

Pistolero2918d ago

i love windows 7 and i still prefer PCs over i honestly don't agree with you at all.
i also think microsoft has innovated some great stuff for gaming that the other companies have since copied....achievements to name one.

pinkyxyz2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

which one would you rather have designing a universal console

Microsoft? - (inside joke?)

jneul2918d ago

Sony they dominated for two gen's and managed to keep innovation, and lots of quality games coming in, nintendo is good too but I have outgown mario as he has been around since the 80's

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