5 Ps2 Game Series’ That Need To Be Made Into Collections For Ps3

The Playstation 2 is the king of last generation, things may have been going slower for the PS3 at the start of the generation, but things are heating up now. These games are in no particular order, but are all deserving of a HD revival.

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Sillyace922823d ago

Seriously, No Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter?

Complete fail

Sitris2823d ago

There are way more as well! Not just these 5.....can't have them all.

I_find_it_funny2823d ago

The idea of rereleasing those PS2 collections, with trophies and upgradeed to HD is really awesome.
I want more.

blumatt2823d ago

GTA collection please!!! I want GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas all on one blu ray disc, upscaled with trophies. I'd pay $60 for that and I know alot of others would too.

I_find_it_funny2823d ago

On one hand I'd never buy those games from PSN but upgraded with trophies and on disc, i'd love to pay 60 bucks for it.
Ultimate GTA Collection :)

HBK6192823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Yeah that would be insane value. Hell I'd pay a lot more than $60 for it, bump it up to $150 and I'd be there first day with the money in my hand ready to give it up.

Not only do you get the amazing first 3D GTA iteration in GTA 3, you get the best (IMO) GTA in Vice City and then the huge and variety filled San Andreas. 3 absolute highest of high quality titles that if they were to come would be upgraded graphically and would come with trophies as well.

God of War was the perfect collection to bring to PS3. The Sly Collection is probably one of the last I would've thought to come, but it's welcome (as I've never played them and can't find them on PS2 anywhere but the net which I don't really like to buy from a lot). Team Ico's Collection is a shoe in for coming next you'd expect, waiting for TGS and I reckon we'll see it and Last Guardian's footage at that show.

All absolute quality and I dunno about anyone else but I'm glad to hand my money over for these titles regardless of them "Being available on PS2, Backwards Compatible etc." when you're basically getting these titles for what they'd cost if you got them on PS2 anyway!

Sony need to get on this bandwagon as the God of War Collection showed people want this, just bring us the best titles (all from that list, including the Hon. Mentions and all of ResDog's epic list below too :p) and I doubt anyone will snub the chance to pick them up. DO IT!

RumbleFish2823d ago

I'd pay 500 bucks for MGS 1, 2 and most important MGS 3 remakes on MGS 4's engine! And I'm sure many would do that. MGS 1 is allready 90% done in MGS 4! Come on Hideo, it can't be that difficult!

ReservoirDog3162823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

MGS Series Collection:

Zone of the Enders Collection:

Silent Hill Collection:

Team Ico Collection:

PS2 GTA Collection:

Prince of Persia Collection:

Kingdom Hearts Collection (this one needs a lot more votes!):

Final Fantasy Collection:

Okami (maybe even with Move support):

Miscellaneous Collections:

Better off going somewhere where Sony might be listening then going on about it on the n4g comments section right?

I'm soooo happy about the Sly Cooper Collection by the way!

Edit: Something we all have to remember: they'll only make these if they feel they'll make profit out of it. So buy the Sly Collection when it comes out. It'll give them more incentive to keep churning these out.

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trounbyfire2823d ago

i mean all of them including DS, psp, PS2 and if there is one on wii why not but i don't think there is

ExcelKnight2823d ago

I've always wanted a Suikoden HD collection (HD sprites for the first two games, HD 3D graphics for the last three & Tactics, including Card Stories and Gaiden)

FreeFalling2823d ago

remastered in stunning HD,

yes please.

Magnus2823d ago

The Xenosaga series and Dot Hack would be great

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