SegmentNext-Transformers War for Cybertron Review, A Lazy PC Port

Most of the games based on any movie or cartoon series don’t get much fame. Transformers series is no exception but developers have succeeded in making Transformers War for the Cybertron, an exception. The game has got all the contents to be one among the best third person shooters but, for consoles not for PC.

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Pandamobile2769d ago

What kind of PC gamer would buy this shit anyways?

SuperStrokey11232769d ago

Well its actually a really good game (atleast on the consoles), the pc version seems to be lacking however.

Substance1012769d ago

The PC version by no means is lacking compared to console, infact its still superior.

However its much lower then the standards set on the PC platform.

despair2769d ago

not being able to change my controls setting is a big problem for me, if something that simple isn't given then who knows what the hell else they screwed up.

dirthurts2769d ago

It's 20 bucks cheaper than the console version, and it still looks and sounds better.
Higher resolution if nothing else.
I was bummed at no AA, 30fps cap, and mediocre textures, but the game was still fun. Already sold it on ebay however...

BeaArthur2769d ago

One who isn't so narcissistic as to think that a good game like this is beneath them because it says Transformers on the cover.

sid4gamerfreak2769d ago

Yeah, we like good quality games

unlike console gamers who can play just about anything, we have high standards..

Wolf8732769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

and I was planning to get it for PC. I hope they fix this problem with a patch. Going to get it for a console now, maybe. I hope one day they make a game based on Maximals and Predicons, preferably Beast Wars ;).

ATi_Elite2769d ago

Transformers war for Cybertron looks OK but as far as the PC version goes it's crap. It's a total console port and that my friend will get your game Pirated as PC gamers don't like console ports.

Locked at 30 FPS are you serious. Cool for consoles but for PC I want at least 70 with vsync enabled.

dirthurts2769d ago

Or is it dependant on the monitor?
I used D3D overrider so I don't much use vsync.

ic4ruz2769d ago

What, yes it's an console port but still it' pretty good game on PC.

Even though you think it's bad doesn't mean you should steal it,.

Filthy pirate.

ATi_Elite2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I'm not gonna steal it play it or pirated it but a lot of straight console ports get pirated on the PC as it makes no sense to buy a game that doesn't meet PC players standards.

BFBC2 sold very well on the PC because they didn't just port some console crap over. They made the necessary adjustments for PC gamers.
Thanks DICE.

Pirating only happens because developers and publishers allow it. Windows 7 can be pirated very hard if your not PC savvy but they still have sold over 150 million licenses because it's so good. Glad I own Micro$uck stock. There are ways to prevent pirating but for whatever reason it's not being used.

Bottom line I'm a PC Gamer and I expect more than just a filthy console port as I and my PC are built for the BEST Gaming Experience possible.

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