Microsoft Kinect: So 'hardcore' it will kill your Grandma

Chris Jager of GamePro writes: "After spending some quality time with Kinect at this year’s E3, we can confidentially report that there is nothing even remotely ‘casual’ about the experience. Sure, its launch line-up might star cuddly lion cubs and cutesy avatars, but appearances can be deceiving.

Kinect is set to deliver some of the most gruelling battles of your gaming career, forcing you to learn unfamiliar skills from head to toe. It’s like the Nintendo Wii on steroids. The amount of running, jumping and ducking that these games demand is so intense, one of our colleagues almost puked on the showroom floor. Now that’s hardcore!

If you attempted to play this thing with your Wii-loving grandparents, they would almost certainly expire on the spot. (Hell, it almost gave me a heart attack.) That’s right ladies and gents: Kinect is so hardcore it can kill your Grandma.

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ingiomar2921d ago

Hahahhaha a fun read indeed with kinect its all about the speed i keed i keed


shoddy2921d ago

I don't think I'll last half hours moving around.

beardpapa2921d ago

definitely about the speed. Those kids on youtube that recorded themselves playing WiiFit in hopes of losing weight should look into the kinect instead. Kinect will probably bring in real results.

Biggest2921d ago

I'd wager that going outside and excercising would bring in much better results than the Kinect. But I hear that humans are allergic to sunlight.

sikbeta2921d ago

lol Biggest, where you heard that?

spankipants2921d ago

Kinect will fail. I am convinced of this.

T9X692921d ago

Your going to be disappointed come November when the casual gamers over rule you.

Tony-A2921d ago

Well..... one of you are, that's for sure.

SOAD2921d ago

Yeah, I'm convinced that one of you two guys is going to be disheartened.

Spenok2921d ago

I have a sneaking suspicion you just may be right. But meh, either way i dont mind.

Rainstorm812921d ago

There are casual gamers on this site? I never knew.

If not why is anyone prasing this? Seems like good cardio excersise though, but i thought it was a controller (or whatever)

XactGamer2921d ago

Kinect may fail if MS doesn't bridge the casual and hardcore crowds. I think Kinect will be big for apps and interface. When or if MS goes 3D then Kinect could print money. When you use Kinect with a 3D TV you actually move 3D objects without a controller and see them in your hands.

Biggest2921d ago

See what a small idea can do? Say a few buzz words and watch people run with the ideas. Unfortunately in this case, there won't be any Kinect happening on a 3DTV, unless the old Kinect works with the new Xbox that has 1.3+ HDMI. But even if that were to happen, I doubt 3D technology will be so advanced that the images aren't coming from the screen, but from your skin.

Penno2921d ago

The question is, does anybody want to run a marathon so a fake tiger can do tricks? This is what Kinectimals asks of you.

Dramscus2921d ago

I like running outside. Like down the sidewalk. I say hi and wave to people.
I don't know about doing it indoors, running on the spot.

Some one's going to sue microsoft after having a heart attack.
I called it first. You remember.

grumpysmurf2921d ago

Actually, it seriosuly wouldn't surprise me. The Wiimote wrecked your TV set. Kinect will wreck your heart.

FragMnTagM2921d ago

There are a lot of fatties here in America and they need some exercise.

Rainstorm812921d ago

and those fatties would rather eat krispy creme and sit down on the couch and play more Halo than run around thier living room with Skittles or Sonic.

beardpapa2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I think having many Kinects in homes will give hackers an incentive to 'jump in' and watch what you're doing. YouTube will explode! The same applies to the Move as well, except it's not as much fun watching people swing controllers around as compared to people flailing their arms and legs.

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treylathikes2921d ago

People will just look stupid playing that. Like the guy in the photo.

Neurotoxin2921d ago

About as hardcore as a flower.

telekineticmantis2921d ago

neither my mom nor my grandma can play flower. it may not be gears but it is a core gaming experience.

the-show-stopper2921d ago

hes not talking about the game flower hes talking about the plant

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