WoW's Real ID (Cross Faction Cybersex) Feature Examined

Ripten's Ken Teal wrties: "During the advent of consumer interaction with this thing we call the internet (back in the mystical times of the 90s), strange places existed known as chat rooms. These weird and arcane dwellings provided two very interesting things. Anonymity, and an outlet for fat harry greasy out of shape men, women, and men pretending to be women, to get together and have fake sex with each other in a strange and awkward orgy known today as cybersex.

A short time after this horrific addition to the world, powerfully addicting games known as MMOs started to surface. They roamed the mighty internet for a while, and were eventually accepted by gamers. The evolution of these MMOs brought us titles such as Everquest and World of Warcraft..."

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Sandwich Bender2915d ago

With cross-faction cybersex, you can get some serious Romeo and Juliet action going!