WalMart Confirms $50 360 Price Drop?

It may be the smallest and blurriest photo of all time but it this image is to be believed then the much rumoured $50 360 price cut, which has been hinted at for a few weeks now, is just around the corner.

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coolmatrix3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

MS loves guys like you.

Washing machines have three year warranty. My car has 5. PS3; 90 days!

360 with a 3 year extension for ONLY RROD. ALL OTHERS GET SOAKED!!!!

My name is a Mark.

First I pay $399.99 then I pay for accessories and ONLINE and blah, blah, blah.

Then in 3 years MS will give me another Xbox so it goes like this:

THESE MARKS LOVE ME!!!! A sucker is born every second...Now I believe it!! I thought it was a legend but I see it is true all along. Some people will be suckers for anything. JUST ANGLE IT RIGHT and you got em HOOK, LINE, SINKER!!!!

Hey, youre covered WHEN it breaks!!! WOW.

$399.99 + $59.99 LIVE + HD-DVD $199.99 + $200 in accesories = $859.97 not including games. With 5 games @ $59.99 = $1159.92

Take $1159.92 + NEW XBOX in 3 years ($499.99?)= TWO BC.

ALL 360 owners are Marks....SUCKERS...LOSERS...BU T I GET GREAT GAMES. WOW.

I don't feel anything anymore for 360 LOSERS...Get lost Mark. Get Lost!

MS: We need to grease this pig...suckers I mean...THEY WILL BUY ANYTHING we sell even for $50 less.

Don't worry they have the comfort of the THREE YEAR WARRANTY ONLY for RROD!!! SUckers.

Close_Second3924d ago

why did you even bother to get up today. Your comments are about as funny and welcome as a getting a punch in the face. We all know the PS3 is a good piece of kit but guess what, so is the 360. The ultimate gamer will buy one or both and rejoice in what has to be the platinum age of gaming. The lamer will buy one and poke fun of the other and do nothing but to expose him/herself as being a complete drop kick. Gee, I wonder which one you are...

Tabasco3924d ago

meh, stop talking sh!t out of your ass. I have a three year warranty on my ps3.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3924d ago

I don't even think you will get PS3 fans to agree with that one, LOL your all alone bro.

nasim3923d ago

x360 now is the least selling console in th world.

ps3 has overtaken x360 in sales in JULY,2007.

no one complained about the x360's price since no one wants a defective console.

PS3 has now beaten x360 in sales all over the world INCLUDING USA/NA

eLiNeS3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

I hate to rain on the parade but look closer at the ad, where's the small 99? All the other items on the page have a small 99.

Bad Photo Shop job maybe?

I don't doubt there will be a price drop of $50 soon (Aug. 8th) but don't think this is it.

Texas GMR3923d ago

...Still not enough. IMO

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Like a shadow I am3924d ago

I say the $50 price cut is coming for sure.

sticky doja3924d ago

Everyone knew it was comming, just if this is seems like sooner than later.

CrazzyMan3924d ago

that will be really interesting to see. =)

though for gta4 and halo3 fans 249$ maybe is the best choice. =)

coolmatrix3924d ago

The ONLY leaks is your WALLET buying crap 360s for $50 less.

You guys are the reason a SUCKER is born every second!!

Bloodmask3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

At $249 the 360 will be priced the same as the Wii. And with the new warranty in place 360 sales are sure to pick up.

The release of Halo 3 in a couple months won't hurt either.

tonsoffun3924d ago

While I agree totally that a price drop is great for the 360, remember, the Wii is making money per console sold, so ninty could just as easily issue a price drop too.

I think that many are forgetting this fact too - don't think I am a ninty fanboy - I have serious problems with their attitude towards european game releases, but as thier tech is so cheap, they could concieveably drop the price too - and my question is, what kind of impact would that have on the industry?

Loudninja3924d ago

All I seen was the 20gig 360, no anything else.Good news though

Like a shadow I am3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

That's an article just a few days ago that nails down the exact date for the price cut to happen: August 8.

Maybe now that there's a leak, Microsoft decides the price cut should be sooner rather than later.