Why PlayStation Plus is Better Than Xbox Live

PSLS writes: "Among the handfuls of information Sony revealed at E3 2010 was the announcement of the long-rumored PlayStation Plus. After months and months of rumors regarding a pay-to-play PlayStation Network, it was announced that the new PlayStation Plus will be an optional subscription-based system which rewards the consumer with several cool incentives including free games, early beta access and more. While the reception has been largely positive, several PlayStation 3 owners have voiced concerns about what the service will entail. However, when looking at what Sony is offering with PlayStation Plus side-by-side with Microsoft’s competing Xbox Live platform, PlayStation Plus is undoubtedly the better service..."

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seij5552612d ago

Yup makes sense, we still need x game chat though.

Donny2612d ago

im loving psn+ for the fact that i get custom themes, STEAM, cvc is coming, and i get numberous discounts from psn. did i mention "STEAM"...drools

Dramscus2612d ago

They didn't say anything about steam being a part of plus.
For all anybody knows it could just be part of the regular psn.

SOAD2612d ago

We're not getting STEAM. Stop spreading misinformation.

LtSkittles2612d ago


OpenGL2612d ago

Steam is not going to be an actual part of PSN, but simply a feature built into Portal 2. I would compare its implementation to the KONAMI ID system used in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Dramscus2612d ago

They haven't released any details at all, but yes likely it will just be the steam updating and patching system.
If they ever do sell games digitally on the ps3 it will be through the ps store where steam would have it's own section.

Donny2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

soad, you have got some nerve to assume im some fkn bandit spreading lies. screw u guys

HolyOrangeCows2612d ago

They didn't insult or assume anything about you.
They have asked you not to spread misinformation.

Your comment reminds me of this:

NastyLeftHook2612d ago

they were not insulting you.

Syronicus2612d ago

Why is PSN+ better than live? Because I still don't need to pay to play online with PSN+. I think that's pretty simple if you ask me.

Menech2612d ago

Yeah makes perfect sense costs more then live yearly and does half the stuff xD

Syronicus2606d ago

Gee that's funny... I didn't know that you got 4 free games every month when paying for live... Oh wait, you don't? So psn is better the? I thought so.

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Rainstorm812612d ago

If sony added x game chat i think it would be worth the price of addmission for alot of gamers.

ME? Give me the games, discounts and all the other extras plus i cant wait to see whats down the line. In comparison to XBL i think the the differences were minimal when psn was just a free service but now you are get more tangible things out of PSN+ than XBL unless you count online play but that should be free.

I think ill get the year of PS+ and if its not vastly improved in a year then no need to continue it, but im willing to adopt early besides im addicted to Dynamic themes. Best thing since the custom evo dash on my modded xbox 1

beardpapa2612d ago

I suppose a reason why Live can never be free is because part of the money goes to funding and supporting the bandwidth usage necessary for VoiP in x-game chat. I only say this because I read that part of the PSN+ fee goes towards xgame chat, hence why free users can't initiate a xgame chat convo [and the entire convo drops as soon as the PSN+ member quits].

Anyway, I wouldn't mind paying for PSN+ if I get free PSN games a month since some of them can be like $5-9 a pop. I wish Live had free XBLA games a month. Early on I had hoped that my gamerscore could be used to redeem stuff (like those tickets @ Dave & Busters), but since accepting that the gamerscore/trophies are just that ... I hadn't bothered with trying to get everything. So ... a free game a month for this annual PSN+ service sounds good to me. Granted I don't get to keep the game if I cancel.

Although ... I wonder if we get a cheaper subscription rate for FF14. I'm looking forward to that a lot, and would probably pay for that over an annual PSN+.

FACTUAL evidence2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Yeah keep acting like the ps3 doesn't need cross game chat....I mean it's only the #1 feature mostly wanted with the PSN. I kind of agree with you, but psn really has no sort of "group contact" during a game.

I did get to the point that I have no hope for x game chat on the PS this gen, but now I at least want voice messaging. I hate getting my hopes up for FW, but if at least voice messaging isn't in update 3.40....let's just say I'm going to be livid.

strickers2612d ago

What do you mean PSN has no group contact in games?Most games have squad or team features will the ability to mute others.In KZ there is voice for local(people near to you in game)and squads of 4 you form who have map wide voice.Many games are like this but it's not a PSN feature,it's a game by game basis.
Cross game chat does not matter to me.It would be a nice little add on but I wouldn't pay for it.I cancelled Live and cross game chat is the only feature over PSN worth having.It's not enough.

vhero2612d ago

PS+ blows it away as XBL gives you nothing in terms of value everything you get from XBL is worthless after 12 months you are left with nothing to show for it.

zerocool33972612d ago

Everything you get from XBL is always there if you pay or don't pay for your subscription.

Everything you get from PS+ wont work after your subscription ends.

dangert122612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

just the free stuff like the games wont be there
we get to keep themes and gamer pics etc
we keep what we brought

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BigPete79782612d ago

I think both have their advantages. But as the first commenter said, PS3 does need cross game chat.

ps3gamerkyle2612d ago

I can see why cross game chat can be important for some people, but for me? Not a big deal.

Dramscus2612d ago

Same. I'd rather talk to the people I'm playing with in pretty much every game I play.

There was that one time though a friend just wanted to talk over mic and asked me to leave game.

Generally though if I'm playing a shooting game I'm talking tactics with my squad, if I'm racing I'm either not using the mic or smack talking. Why would I want to just chat with friends while I'm gaming. Get a phone.

Megaton2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I actually really don't like it. I like chat with my friends while I play the same game with them, but not cross-game. I tried it once and it was pretty annoying. I was playing Mass Effect 2, and he was playing... shit, I don't even remember. My point is that it was hard to concentrate.

All we really got out of eachother was "yeah" and "nice", cobbling together a sentence or two when one of us would hit a load screen.

beardpapa2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )


I'm with you on that. There's a reason why when someone calls me on my cell and I'm doing an mp session of MW2 that I purposely lie to them and say that I'm busy eating dinner with guests.

Equally frustrating when someone calls and I'm in the middle of my daily ritual [Geometry Wars] trying to get a higher ranking.

Rainstorm812612d ago

I was never a fan of XGC but it does come in handy at times. For instance talking to someone trying to find that killzone 2 room your in is far better than pausing the game & typing message.

BUt if online multiplayer is your think and you actually use ur headset then XGC would do anything for you.

Boody-Bandit2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

used cross chat one time with a close friend for 5 minutes.
Never used it again. When I game I don't talk unless it's team chat and only if friends are on. When I am playing a single player game I don't respond to text, chat request, cell phone or house phone. Leave me alone I am GAMING! This is my time. Talk to you when I'm done, maybe.

Personally what I would prefer more is private or party chat. That way you can ignore the undesirables and still have communication with people interested in playing the game.

ASSASSYN 36o2612d ago

Hey xiphos you must have a serious issue with concentration and hand eye coordination in a slow pace game like mass effect 2 while talking (a non requirement to play that game) poses a significant problem for you.

Can't you come up with an excuse that makes sense? That has to be the dumbest thing I ever read. You have issues talking to other people with a hands free headset not doing what you are doing. Stay off the drugs kid. If you said you were plotting a course on a sectional chart I can see your point. But, mass effect 2... nah kid... that is a boo boo excuse.

SixZeroFour2612d ago

i really like party chat with bfbc2 and halo...bfbc2 cause having to only be able to talk to 3 other ppl isnt as helpful as having 7 other ppl with mics...3 is good enough, but with 7, you really have more to work with and coordinate with. And the reason i like it with halo is cause i really do have a fun time just chatting with friends most of the time (not too competitive in halo) and not be annoyed by the other ppl

Megaton2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Mass Effect 2 has this crazy thing called dialog, and quite a bit of it too. Sometimes you can even, hang onto your seat here big guy, respond with your own dialog! I know a connoisseur of shooters like yourself wouldn't know anything about that, but for some of us it's actually a key part of the game. Shocking, I know. It's like talking to 2 people at once with cross-game chat if you're actually paying any attention to the game's story and what the characters are saying.

But please, by all means, keep calling me an idiot/child/junkie if it makes you feel better about yourself.

Anon19742612d ago

I never once used cross game chat on XBL, I wouldn't use it on PSN. If I'm playing the same game as others I'll talk. Different games? Forget it. Have you ever tried to talk to someone over the phone while they were playing something or watching a movie? It's maddening. If you can't give me your attention when you're talking to me, call me when you can. It's just downright rude. If you want to talk, the PS3 already has audio and video chat outside of games when you can actually pay attention to who you're talking to. Or you could use the phone.

Useless feature, in my opinion. It's not even a feature. Features add value to something. Cross game chat is a gimmick.

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thematrix12982612d ago

Agreed. I think cross game chat is boring. Why would I want to talk to my friend who is playing another game. Developing cost/Benefit for this feature is high which means it's not worth it :)

SixZeroFour2612d ago

maybe cause sometimes they just want to talk to their friends even if they arent playing the same thing

i dont know how many times ive had friends over and they go on computer or something or just watch/take turns while we play single player online games and just chill and chat...its basically the same thing except they arent at my place

JonnyBigBoss2612d ago

Cross game voice chat is coming. I know it has been a long time but once it's out people will realize they don't use it that often and will forget how long it took for it to come out. Doesn't mean I don't want it, because I do, but I think it's a bit overrated.