The Latest White Knight Chronicles 2 Screens

Andriasang: The latest batch of media shows off the sequel's new weapons and skills, customizations for your knight, story sequences from 2nd Part, and more! (Total 30 images)

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seij5552889d ago

Disappointed in WKC1, maybe this one will be better but at least they could have upped the gfx a bit, looks almost the same as the first.

Chris3992888d ago

There has been a significant upgrade to the graphics. In particular the special effects and environments. Character and monsters were also enhanced.

But if you watch the 2 new videos, released a couple weeks ago, you will see the boost in visuals. The spell effects look amazing.

seij5552888d ago

Guess I'll go check it out, still skeptical though.

Raf1k12888d ago

They're also releasing the first game on the same disk with the improvements of the second so should be pretty good for those who haven't played it yet.

DA_SHREDDER2888d ago

What are you guys talking about? I thought WKC 1 looked great, it just needed more variety.

Sigh2889d ago

Never got Demons souls today like I planned. But got WKC instead. Love the game so far, can't wait for this one!

basicsameh5142888d ago

you should of got demon soul..

blazBlue2888d ago

Could you stop trolling? Seriously, it's very annoying. You thought it was disappointing? That's your opinion. But don't try to tell people how they should spend their money.

Chris3992888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Wait, you're a troll and you probably never played the game.

It never ceases to amaze me that 1/2 the posters in WKC threads are people who have A.) never touched the game or B.) never played online (the latter includes the majority of all U.S. review sites who critiqued the game before the servers were launched).

We get it. You're bored, probably lonely and seeking attention - hence the need to troll. But it's no more appealing, mature or interesting than the red-faced brat screaming in the middle of the supermarket for his mommy to get him a treat. In fact that child has an excuse. It's a child. What's yours?

basicsameh5142888d ago

why is there going to be a second? the first one was disappointing

Redempteur2888d ago

play the game online and then come back IF you can

execution172888d ago

only time i go back to the single player is to buy more Guild missions, almost makes me wish i didn't have to work the next day so i can pull an all nighter

blazBlue2888d ago

Hmm, do they have new monsters to fight in this one? Can't wait for it though. :3 The graphics look great.

Pug2888d ago

I think the first sold reasonably Ok in Japan and it wasn't a complete flop over here. I've seen worse games have a sequel made.

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The story is too old to be commented.