Call of duty 4 perk: C4

This week Infinity Ward is introducing a new type of perk. Previously showcased perks focused around Special Abilities such as Increased Bullet Penetration with Deep Impact, Increased Rate of Fire with Double Tap, or Increased Reload Times with Slight of Hand. There is another category of perks that focuses less on these Special Abilities and more on Special Weapons.

Special Weapons include things such as C4, RPGs, extra grenades, etc. The first Special Weapons perk IW is going to showcase is C4. C4 doesn't need a ton of explanation - it's a perfect perk for objective game types such as Search and Destroy where you can set traps for your enemy, and for faster paced games like Free For All (Deathmatch) where you can lead your target towards you and blow them up with well placed C4.

To show off the perk in-game, Infinity Ward decided to load up a Free For All (Deathmatch) and Team Deathmatch game on the Playstation 3 and just blow the hell out of the level. Keep in mind, the actual perk only gives you 2 C4 per spawn, so you have to choose your usage of them wisely. C4 is great for setting traps, especially since vehicles are fully destructible in multiplayer. As you can see in the first part of the video, Infinity Ward planted some C4 on a car, lured the enemy up to it to take cover and sent them flying. The rest of the video is a montage of death showcasing the many ways to take out enemies using C4. IW went from planting it on the run, to planning an attack, to catching their enemies off guard by throwing C4 over the wall in the direction they're heading.

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killasssj4083983d ago

i cant wait for this game man
this game will stay in my xbox 360 disk tray for years
xbox live wow
cant fu#@in wait

ASSASSYN 36o3983d ago

Sweet vid. Call of Duty 4 beta (august) Two-worlds (aug.) Bioshock (aug.) Birthday (aug.) This is my month for gaming!

V2oom3982d ago

When he got 7 kills it said press right for helicopter.
Does that mean that once your on a killing spree you can call in air support?

sjappie3982d ago

I noticed it wasn't looking as crisp as all the previous gameplay trailers. After that I saw it was the ps3 version, whereas all the previously shown trailers were 360 versions. I'm not trying to flame here, but it seems like ps3 version looks less good. What do you guys think?

bung tickler3982d ago

well the 360 is the lead platform, so if the past has shown anything its that ports from 360 to ps3 dont turn out too good, i can only think of one exception and that was with a years extra dev time, but we shall see.

jaaz3982d ago

I thought it looked amazing. In fact, I thought it was one of the best videos yet and it was MP footage, which is typically worse-looking than single player. The frame rate looked like it was rock solid too. And unless my eyes were deceiving me, it was running at 60 fps.

At first I thought it was on the 360, since that is the lead platform. I am shocked to find it was running on the PS3. This makes me believe that the two versions will indeed look and play the same--perhaps a first for multi-platform games.

StateofMind3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

The PS3 trailer that showed gameplay looked identical to the 360 trailer. The only difference is the button icons. This video doesn't look as impressive, but I think it's more to do with the fact that this is legitimate online play and not an E3 presentation.

bung tickler3982d ago

anyone know if the beta will be open to everyone or will it be like halo where you have to win something or buy a game?

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The story is too old to be commented.