Talking Games with Jimmy Fallon

IGN: So what are you showing? I saw the segment with Kudo Tsunoda and Kinect.

Fallon: God, I think that's going to just change the face of gaming.

IGN: It's pretty exciting isn't it?

Fallon: Oh my god, it makes the Wii look ancient. It's sad but it's almost like, "Wait, the Wii's already feeling old?" I mean if you want to see more articles about old-age homes doing bowling, well get ready for a new onslaught of articles because this is going to be the new thing. I mean I broke sweat racing against Kudo, a 30-second sprint, probably because I'm too fat but also it's exciting. I'm already thinking about re-arranging my house so that I can get one, NO coffee table.

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Sunny_D2855d ago

Lol, of course the contributor would put that part of the interview to get hits. Anyways, Jimmy Fallon is pretty cool in my book to be showing games in the first place even if he is casual. It's obvious, he used to be a big gamer back before he became a televison celebrity.

alphakennybody2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I respect the guy, but his late night shows are lame and especially his jokes. I bet that, they will be relying on games from time to time get enough viewer so that his show can survive.

49erguy2855d ago

By the stuff he's saying, he's not all that much of a gamer to me.

Darkfiber2855d ago

If Fallon likes Kinect, I don't like Fallon.